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RELEASE … haiku

last day of NaPoWriMo…. and what will fall of my fingertips this a.m.?

Every few days I receive an email I signed up for from ‘The Universe”  www.tut.com  with Mike Dooley.  I find it fun, clever, and often inspired.    Below is what I receive today.   I’m gonna let it give me my poem.

“As far as I can tell, jeanne, worrying about anything at all is a pretty good indicator that one has begun thinking that their joy and prosperity will somehow hinge on pending physical events, other people, or angry green Martians. 

Can you imagine?! 

 Phone home,

     The Universe

 First, jeanne, joy and prosperity are created within. Second, the events and people of your life can be changed with your thoughts. And third, for the most part, Martians are neither green nor angry.”



Release Worry’s nag

Hinge joy to rising moments

Give your light away


Release Grief’s shudder

Quiver loss to open sky

Arms wide heart open


Release Silence past

Crawl, run, squeeze, sob, rip, fly, write

Face the aching heart

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