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Sir Chaos, Lady NoT Enough and the HokeY PoKey

It's what's ALL about

It’s what’s ALL about

There’s no lose in the let go, if chaos finds another body to live in.

It’s the chaos that tumbles what isn’t anymore into this vat of never full.

When the not enough swills on your lonely blood as an intruder does

from so very long ago that you forever feel tainted no matter how

full of self you seek to find yourself cultivating.

I don’t know about you, when the fight to keep your cup of goodness

as full as possible, and Sir Chaos and his confidante, Lady Not Enough

invite you to drink from their chalice in ‘oh just have a little bit of me”.

And you’re so thirsty for the ‘story’ you got going on about ‘only if’ and

‘maybe if I just…” and “I could have done it like…”  that a little bit

of their something seems welcome as they count on your self betrayal.

Don’t think the 3rd law of thermodynamics isn’t waiting for you

to tumble out of paradise.  Or maybe it’s a tumble back into Paradise.

We’ve had it all wrong from the get go.  It’s a ploy to embrace these

two lovebirds as one of our own.  Get to know them like family members.

Love them in the ‘no matter what’ of their happy battering of our senses.

Smother them with love songs and cuddle and rock them like children.

Shift their points of power from having it over us, to that embrace of

owning the chaos and the not enough as swirling bits of our own

joyful madness, that now we have more than enough of and share equally

in the power where there is no struggle.  Could it be?  Did I write myself

into a warm embrace with what I gave my power away to?  And now

I’m falling in love with Chaos and Lady Not Enough as I give my self

over to them like I gave my body over to every other damn thing that

likened to steal my goodness away as I make my way out of here?

I feel better now sharing the power plays and ill determined self critiques

that seem indigenous to negative thinking.  Loving the unlovable.

It is now clear to me that The Hokey Pokey is what’s it’s all about…

“Put your whole self in.

You put your whole self out

You put your whole self in

And you shake it all about

You do the Hokey Pokey

and you turn yourself around

THAT’s what it’s ALL about.”

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Mum christo_8

Holding in memory

Mother, Popzee, Father, Brother

Rose and Cleo, Grand mothers and fathers

Syl and John, and Bill are gone

Julie, Colleen, off for celestial song

Uncle Mike, Karl, Dick, and Dolph

Aunty Alice, and Grace are far off


Every second someone’s loved one passes

Illness, violence, some bizarre trespasses

War and peace take lives away

Leaving sadness for some heart to pray

Birth and living till breath be gone

Some live decades some aren’t here for long


For this day when remembrances are given

Parades and stories regale the once living

Laughter, tears, some aching hearts

I feel grateful most were here from my start

For better or worse memories wash over you

It’s how it goes, it’s what memories do


In memorial I have my heart as my altar

I tuck my loved ones tender till my breath will falter

With last breath I depart this Earthly home of my bones

To join all those souls in Infinity where we are never alone

Not death will keep love’s embrace far away

I celebrate you all on this Memorial day.








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on The Dease lake rising


Glory be that full moon risin’

Beam of moon lay uncompromisin’

Across the Dease it stares me down

I let it fill me in the all around


I like to think it’s cosmic flow

Breaks open the heavens with all that glow

Rolls off the Dease pours into me

A mystic moment beyond what I see


It lights me up it lightens my heart

Takes away old tempest to renew and restart

What has gone, what has been, what is yet to be

In this moment this moon has a righteous hold on me


Glory be you full moon risin’

Lay all that beam uncompromisin’

Across my sea in the deep of night

Open me up to receive The Sight


Fill me up and then pour me out

Let what lights me up give no doubt

Cosmic flow me with all that bright

Make me a heaven light up my night





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off to the Dease for some full moon release

Going to the Dease this morning.  Another full moon rises to lay it’s light across the lake.  I plan to shimmer under it’s light and maybe let my shadow follow me around



quiet light breaking

moves whisper soft this morning

full moon fills this night


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Brought here by the Great Unknown

Flipping through infinite space

Like I knew where I was going.

Landing here buried in my mother’s

womb to push out and breathe life again

Inhale and exhale this worldly experience

In the “oh my god” and “Are you kidding me”

Varied exclamations mixed with occasional

Expletives as my days ready to be tossed

Back out into the infinite salad bowl of

Terrestrial ingredients to switch it up

And get tossed into some other soup

Being birth all over again.

I’m waiting

for the seasons to chance


for my rock to roll


for these days to close

Till I dance with the

Great Unknown



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The Forest Mistress


There is insight in these woods

The forest is a deep and dark mistress

No amount of fearful fairy tale

Will keep me from the venture

There is always a path to be made

if not for the pleasure of memories held

to the inhale of mossy scents and damp wood

of  old leaves laid to carpet and the dead of

wood an invitation for a sit down and ponder


There is insight in these woods, this forest

a quiet  timber of wind tickling twig and leaf

The pause of natures creatures in suspended

silence so not to give themselves away to the

wanderer, the path maker, the fairy-teller

seeking the story that quivers past the forest’s

edge for the telling, secured by the mistress of

this forest in her dark to light, light to dark splendor

waiting for you to find what lays within your sight.



IMPALED…in the handwritten

So rare I sit and hand write.  Here it is in the raw.  Obviously, hahahaha.    Ya… well.  Blab it out and here’s what happens.

Who still writes long hand?  I have to say there is pleasure in the process.  I have a half day writer’s retreat today… Maybe I’ll do some hand writing.  mmmmm.  sure why not. peace n’ love people.


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19/05/2013 · 10:21 am