BELTANE… seed yourself

This link is a lovely voice to this time of season, the invitation to feel the nature of your nature stir.  To allow yourself to really feel the elements within and around you awaken.  What do you notice?


Dance the Maypole

Dance the Maypole


Wide is the meadow of green

Lush is the carpet to barefoot dance

Beneath the Sun and Moon to

celebrate in the give of light in love

as you find the illumination made to

Brilliance into midnight’s smoky shadows

In the whirls with the twirls

in the greeting of renewal


Green smells new and mossy fresh

The body shivers in the Spring

breeze on the rise in ripple soft

waves on flesh, ready to feel

Nature’s nature from within

to the hungry naked roll on

the meadow’s carpet green

where a seed is planted for

summer’s bloom.


It is the swell of the seed within

from this seasoned land that calls for

life’s renewal in the chant and the

dance.  In the remembering of

life’s cycles starting here on this

May day for what may give to

birthing from what you dream

into being.


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