Two Pleiades … not what you think

I wasn’t feeling much inspiration this a.m.  Took a twirl in the cyber world to some poets corner to see if there was some of it there.  Of course there was cause it’s dang well everywhere.  This is a style of poetry I’m completely unfamiliar with.  I think he calls it Pleiades.  I like the Pleiades, those seven sister out there in dark space.

These are ‘pleiades’ .  Can you figure out the pattern?  Kinda simple, right?  Oh.. it doesn’t have to rhyme if you don’t want it to.  Who else wants to write one?




It’s all around looking to be found

Inviting the muse to invite the profound

Inventing from possibilities

Illustrations of all we can be

Insight sparks from everywhere

Intuition waits for you to dare

I see it all around




What is that thing we use to do?

We had a name for it

Wiry willy children then

Who invented endless games

Wholly invested in those moments

Wrap in carefree summers

Who ever said we couldn’t?




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