a daughter’s tale

mom as dancer


For all that has been when

are hearts beat in the same body

In the separate togetherness

before your hard push for me to

feel my own Light

My first brightness was

of you.


My breath was a gasp

A scream for the cruel

sword that cut me from you

In the cold world of white on white

Such misery in those minutes

calved from your sparkling glacier

to float on out into the sea of life.


When in the warm rock

of my swaddle and your

love caress tender sweet

The Universe realigned

In the vast conundrum

of how this daughter would

find her way in the every after.


And your Sun light took

to the earth in bone and ash

A daughter held to loss and grief

Gather’s shared history

for the heart to remember

in the joys and sorrows

In the wait for the infinite

Of us to meet again


We are of eternity

We are mother daughter

cycling, rebirthing,

patterning for each other

The breath and gasp of being

Soul to soul for ever more

I am with you always

even unto the end of the world.



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