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on The Dease lake rising


Glory be that full moon risin’

Beam of moon lay uncompromisin’

Across the Dease it stares me down

I let it fill me in the all around


I like to think it’s cosmic flow

Breaks open the heavens with all that glow

Rolls off the Dease pours into me

A mystic moment beyond what I see


It lights me up it lightens my heart

Takes away old tempest to renew and restart

What has gone, what has been, what is yet to be

In this moment this moon has a righteous hold on me


Glory be you full moon risin’

Lay all that beam uncompromisin’

Across my sea in the deep of night

Open me up to receive The Sight


Fill me up and then pour me out

Let what lights me up give no doubt

Cosmic flow me with all that bright

Make me a heaven light up my night





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