Mum christo_8

Holding in memory

Mother, Popzee, Father, Brother

Rose and Cleo, Grand mothers and fathers

Syl and John, and Bill are gone

Julie, Colleen, off for celestial song

Uncle Mike, Karl, Dick, and Dolph

Aunty Alice, and Grace are far off


Every second someone’s loved one passes

Illness, violence, some bizarre trespasses

War and peace take lives away

Leaving sadness for some heart to pray

Birth and living till breath be gone

Some live decades some aren’t here for long


For this day when remembrances are given

Parades and stories regale the once living

Laughter, tears, some aching hearts

I feel grateful most were here from my start

For better or worse memories wash over you

It’s how it goes, it’s what memories do


In memorial I have my heart as my altar

I tuck my loved ones tender till my breath will falter

With last breath I depart this Earthly home of my bones

To join all those souls in Infinity where we are never alone

Not death will keep love’s embrace far away

I celebrate you all on this Memorial day.








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