making truth up as you go along

Do you find yourself in this ramble?

desert trees

Truth has many faces.

In the, is anything of truth?

Relative in the vortex of 

imagination’s prism landscape

Of how the spiral of her vision

Makes way into the flounce of

Magic held to the story she weaves.


Choosing to believe in that seduction

In the why not, it’s as good as any

Rainbow of truth to that pot of gold

That yearning calls out to in the vacuum

Of limited thinking in the short focus

She is such a good story teller after all 

Till the next good one comes along.


There’s always another one waiting

On the grassy side line or where life

Is a beach under the blue and sunny

And hunger’s want didn’t quite get fed

In the captured hope of maybe next time

The story gets swallowed hook, line, n’

Sinker and the fill up feels so good.


And it’s a home run setting up the 

Household, like two peas in a pod

Enveloped in all that Spring green

Waiting for Summer blossoming

Under the starry starry night cuddle up

sipping on a Milky Way of Universal goodness

It’s as good a Story as any making it up

As you go along cause you can.  








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