BE HAIR NOW.. haiku

Hi ya everyone.

I have been off writing this novel I started in 2007.  I like it and it called to me back again.  Novels are crazy things to write.  Getting the story out, and not over editing the first time around, going back, and editing it, getting rid of the lil’ darlin’s that really need to not be there.  Write the darn thing over again.

eTC..etc. ETC.  It’s an intense process and I admire the millions that have done.


My heart is still that of a poets.  I have missed being here letting the poet muse have me in the morning and take me where she wishes.  It is my way of refreshing and feeling the spirit of the moment have me and let me roll some words out here in the Now.

 hair as milky way

Hair as Milky Way

Spiral above as below

Infinity calls


Infinity calls

A swirl of third eye knowing

In Oneness we are


In Oneness we are

Many Milky Ways unit

Be Hair NOW


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One response to “BE HAIR NOW.. haiku

  1. I can identify with the novel experience entirely:)


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