Mind-fullness in Storyland

Every moment holds a story or two or three or… We cast our eyes, our ears, our minds and hearts out THere, and reel in all kinds of refuse from the sea of life.  Some beautiful, some horrifying.  And ooooo how the  stories we give charge to become some magnified truth of something we have no idea of.  Made up cause we can, because we are compelled to answer what it is we see, and feel even when we have no idea of any of it.  Merely our perceptions.  What stories will you make up today and HOW do they service your loving heart and life?

fire and hands

Go condemnation

Release to the heavens free

The angels must sing


No bitter smeared heart

when fear is washed in love’s light

A new dance begins


It is your story

Make it up with Care-fullness

Truth is perceptions


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