GRATITUDE = HAPPINESS say it out loud

Dorje n Frisbee

Facebook friends give great gifts sometimes ,sent out in little reminders:  Photos, websites, poetry, wise words of joy, goodness, positive, soul-full vibes, that remind me of the importance of living a life of happiness supported in deep gratitude.   Gratitude for the many many wonders around and within me.

Below, is something I’d like to share with you this Tuesday, the first of October.


In this moment …


I am grateful for the three lovely young people who share my salon with me,  Samantha, Cat, and Andy.

I am great-full for sharing these past 15 years with my beloved little dog Dorje.

I am great-full for my beloved friends, Bridget and Alan who remind me that I am forever loved.

I am grateful to Diane for her good heart, her loyalty, and her unconditional support

I am great-full for my mother, ‘Chappo’, my stepdad Jack, for in their passing, tho’ sad, they passed on to

me gifts that help me.


Heart held to gratitude’s celestial laughter

Joy’s Wisdom a glittering cloak of Happiness

Every moment has a gift to be held and cherished

Say it out loud.  Say it out loud for us all to hear.

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