The shimmering of “The Veil”

All Hallows Eve.  INFA SUN


The veil

thin now between the worlds.

Only in the far periphery can you

catch the shimmer and twilight pulse

right at edge of you shoulder

Like a heart beat yearning to know

what might beat on the other side


There is the smell of moss and metal

a tingle to the inhale a shiver sent

in understanding of this shift to see

what hides in the shadows and contour

in the mingle of light and dark that

calls to you in whispered repeat


It is a step in from anywhere in the believing

A jump in from any direction finds what

was and is yet to be waiting for you to remember

This life gave you to the forgotten of what lays

beyond yet right here before you in the every after

These days … These day now when


The veil

so thin and delicate asks for your remembering

Give her silence to you completely to hear

A prayer that murmurs a love song in the cradle

of your forever after just over there, right here now

Are you listening?  Dare you believe your eternity waits?









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