COMPASSION… The Heart’s Compass. a haibun


I went here the other day…

It reminded me of my own journey, of my own feelings about ‘self-compassion’.   I was particularly pulled in by one of the women’s breaking down of the word compassion.  Why I never noticed or bothered to look at it before must of been cause I wasn’t feeling and looking deep enough.  Now I can’t let it alone, if you know what I mean.


Compassion… Here is the Wiki link to all kinds of definition for compassion.

My simple definition is, the care and desire to help those that are having a hard time in life.  To step up, open my heart, and in some way that I can; to give, send energy, give pray, imagine, the highest good for that one in need.


I’ve always seen the word passion, in compassion, it reaches out and calls to me.  It’s one of those words most us hope to have and experience.  Passion.


Now, Compass.  That’s the one I missed.  As obvious as the word Passion, sitting right there in front of me.

Did you see it?


I love compasses.  I have a little collection of vintage compasses.  I have one in my car. I have one on my phone.  I look to the Sun as a compass.  I pretty much know in what direction I’m looking most of the time.  LIke now, facing South, with my back to the cold North.


I have a need/desire to know my direction.  I’m a road-tripper on those ‘blue highways’ of the MidWest, and believe me a compass has come in darn handy on more than one occasion.  It’s kinda like, where the heck am I going, and am I going there in the right direction.


YOu could say, and maybe a few of you will, I have a passion for compasses.  I have a passionate sense for direction.


What rises in me these last few days is the direction, the compass point I give to my passion.  There is not one direction that is likely better than the other, AND… there are situations, circumstances, moments, that listening to my heart’s compass, a point of opening that will lead me to passion’s door, where I can give of my best and highest self.  Notice, feel, make way to the care of myself and those that have lost their passion for more reasons than I can name and imagine, who have lost their way because their compass requires some adjustment, a new calibration that maybe the simple act of knowing they are loved, cared for, and not alone make all directions feel better.


I will always see the word ‘compass’ in compassion.  And it is my prayer that I will stand at the center of my heart’s compass and turn slowly, making sure I have an awareness of all directions. They will lead me home.


North, South, East, West, Here

Heart’s compass gives direction

Passion fashions love






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