Morning… watching the sun rise this cold morning.  Thinking about how the Sun is tease, and how I am fooled again and again into thinking that it just might be warmer out there than I think.  HAaaa.

frost on the car window


Winter Sun gives freeze to the first inhale

Crystalline stalactites wait for the body heat

to exhale a melt down

All that golden light filling the blue

teases at the illusion of warmth

Layer upon layer can’t keep the breath’s vapor

in halo away

It’s a smoky fog that leads the way


What sense is the Sun if he gives no warmth?

The shiver and shake longs for basking

To fill up on heat that lays false to Winter chill

Stealing at your mind what one season gives

that the other withholds

Green leaves to naked austerity still

pouring on the Golden light like it matters.


And we hunger for the Sun when Winter comes

taking the starving away for what was yesterday’s

Summer’s gifts, gone for the deep chill in rest

In this place where all seasons have their ways.

Hope that harvest has gathered enough for the keeping


And you step outside to feel that Great Golden Orb

with one single inhale that gives freeze to your breath

That one celebrated gasp, a frozen moment

Releasing an exhale with a shudder and quake

Fooled again by that Winter Sun.


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