A little sentiment in the 5/7/5 of New Year

new year 08 002

Happy New Year and Happy New Moon.  Thank to all of you for visiting, listening, responding to my words laid out here in the free fall of the moments.  I especially love when you say a few words, share a little deeper.  I invite you to do more of that if you are moved to do so.  Give me a prompt to write about.  mmmmm?

Word Press sent out a letter telling me about how my blog was followed for the year; from where people came, how many comments and likes, what tags, and phrases were most followed.  It was interesting that people came from all over the world and the tag ‘crop circle’ was one of the highest sought after tags.  I wrote one thing about crop circles.  Ha a haha.

It was good that my name held some weight to the searches.  Also, ‘school bus’ was ‘googled’ and I was found for the one poem I wrote about a school bus.   The most visited post was the one I wrote the day before I gave my  little dog back to the earth.  It was a very painful write that day.  I miss him still.

It’s all so very interesting.

It’s clear, that what keeps me at this blog is the art and act of writing, the discipline of having a place to share it seems to provoke my words. and keeps me writing.  I’m not sure I would sit here and write nearly every day if I didn’t have a place to give it away to.  tho’ everything I write does not get shared.

There is much to do this month in the gathering of things that need doing.  The snow is deep and the trudge through it is tiring.  The sun hides a lot here in Michigan in the Winter, which is mostly OK.  I’ll find my way to make it less of a trudge and more of a making of appreciation of the beauty of the White and chill.  Lay an angel or two on the fresh powder.


New in the darkness

Invites  surrender to light

Crescent to Full-ness.


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