Crystalline Bubbles in the Deep Freeze


IMG_3474The Winter Polar Vortex of Freezing bitter cold lays itself all over this land.  -35F.  The Sun rises in his betrayal happy to greet the day.  It is a betrayal I welcome for the blue that takes away the stark gloom of the blizzard.  The oxymoron of a frigid, Sunny day is this seasons delight.  The austerity is part of the ritual pattern.  I wanted to be creative since I had decided that I was going NO where in this brutal cold.  It was hard to know the length of the hold this freeze would have so this is what I did;

I made a soapy sauce for making bubbles to blow in this deep freeze, from dish soap, water, and a Tbl of maple syrup.   I made a  ‘wand’ from a two cheap bracelets found at World Market that I bent and plied together.  I wanted to see if the bubbles would crystalize when they hit the Arctic air.   I saw this process on FaceBook. Yes, FaceBook.  So many wonders and horrors can be found there.

It was irresistible.   I had to do it.  I have many pictures taken from my IPhone of the results of my Bubble making experience, going out in the frigid and trying to be quick to blow the bubble before it froze in the wand.  I had varied success.  Some of my photos are beautiful.  Really spectacular.  I could write a poem about all of them.  Maybe I will.  What a little book it would make.

I have shared a couple of these photos with you.  They are as they were photographed. I am amazed at the magic of them.  Please feel free to share them.  ANd… I invite you to try it yourself.


Bubble Haiku

From hot breath blows cold

Crystalline orbs float freely

Bubbles greet the freeze



2 responses to “Crystalline Bubbles in the Deep Freeze

  1. Patricia Ramsay

    I love it! Wonders of the polar freeze….


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