“I think I’m gonna Scream”.. prompt 3

prompt for today…

Describe a moment when the dull drone of a conversation is completely consumed by the utter boring chatter about something you not only don’t care about AT All, and you really aren’t even sure what they are talking about about, and you think perhaps you might just scream. 

As prompts go for me, I’m not even sure that I write about the prompt, only that I’m moved by some piece of it that rises up and needs me to write it.  This is what came up for me. And BTW, this Is fiction.  Incase you were wondering.


Dig in to the compassion bag

Pull up the open heart

Flip on a smile like a Light

in this dark cave of endless

self pity that might glimmer

a little joy in the drone of his

20 years of unrequited grieving.


Look at the faded smile of her

gaunt face surrounded by

three sad little children in a cluster

huddled around her. A wallet album

of two decades ago showing the faded

journey of her slow relentless dying

Every picture turns a crush of the heart


It’s not like I don’t care  in that way

that humans care when suffering

of the heart shrouds another human

in the presence of a moments despair.

And the on and on of grief tugs hard

at the heart in hopes of a sweet fix

for a fellow traveler.


There is no pretend that there is want

for an end to this story, these pictures,

this old ramble that finds no silence

except mine in the sitting here listening

over coffee hoping this unbearable moment

will end soon before the rude in me rises

in a quiet inner scream with interruption

and Mr. Sad and Pathetic

again, gets no second date







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