A hallow in the forest.

I was remembering a place I lived where five pines were set in the pattern of a pentagram, a star.  When I stood in the center of these woods, the center of this pentagram, I felt the awareness of some magic unspoken yet given without any asking.  Now, I let my imagination take me there in the honor of what remains and is yet to unfold.

white pine forest~~~~~~~

There’s a hallow in the woods

Of white pines and needles

Of sticky sap and cones

Made for quiet in the ritual

of how the nature of things

needs the sacred prayer inside and out


The way in is not made difficult

No treachery found on this path

Of this forest that shelters her creatures

Beneath the moss to the steepled branches

All hailed up to heaven in winged flight


Take in the inhale in the imagine of trees

Not all have the woods to retreat to

In the minds eye any Path can be made

To the vast anywhere, in the anytime of it.

Made sacred for the intent holy in the hallows


Be contemplative from the hearts call

In the meditative center of how green and sky

Bark and twig messages you to the center

In the ritual of how the nature of nature

needs your prayers inside and out for healing

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