Something is coming your way…


This may be my longest lapse of time in writing here.  I have been writing.  I was invited to be the writer for my own blog in my local that has just become an online journal.  It’s to be launch this weekend and I have been busy working on what in the world I was gonna share so that I can be part of the launch.   There is lots to do to get it the way I imagine and dream it into being so that it fits with how Crazy Wisdom and I will work together.  It’s VERY exciting, and a great opportunity.   It will unfold and grow.


They asked me to write an inspiration blog once a week using my metaphysical insights and tools, i.e. Tarot card, Numerology, Elementals, Astrology, Palmistry.  I have studied these sciences for decades, teaching and using them as inspirations,  ways into experiencing and exploring a spiritual life, and most importantly, getting in touch with your wisdom that is connected to Divine Wisdom that is very self empowering.


Once they launch it all I will share that with you and you can take a look see.  I would be honored to have you read it and give me feedback, as well as see what Ann Arbors alternative community has to offer.

Actually, I would really appreciate if you have any ideas on what an inspirational blog might be for you using Tarot cards, Astrology, Numbers.  Would you like a little weekly tarot reading that asks question and the cards give possibilities?  Would you like to learn how to find your life/soul number and what that might mean?  What Inspires YOU?


It is still important to be here and to have my poetry.  Maybe not so often, I don’t know that yet.  Poetry is my big love.


Will you dance with me on the still moss

Naked feet feeling the earth green

Under a canopy of branches and leaves

Inhaling the day as it surrenders itself

to the brilliance of Summers call


There is forest everywhere in that imagining

Still steep in the Winter’s best shade of white

Ice and bitter cold yet to give way to a new season

with seed and root quivering below the surface

Who is more anxious for that sprout to push through


I think it me wanting it most in the shiver

of this freeze that grips the land in slow motion

because the move to fast lays it danger everywhere

There is a slip and fall waiting on that quiet ice

that knows no soft moss for the naked feet.


And only the skeleton of branches reach

for the blue sky that holds the lie of the Sun

With it blaze of light that holds no warmth

I’ll take that light over no light at all

Shivering till the green rises again because it will










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