The Bandit, ‘Boo’


All the joy of life races around the room

A white ball of fur in play grabbing

each moment with the newness of living

Drenched in curiosity


Lewis and Clark, and the famed Columbus

have no hold on this little explorer

Nose to every fleck of discovery

Tasting it like the ingestion will fill him up


Only to have every small thing fingered

out of his mouth before the swallow

It’s all his and he knows it even when it’s not

Stewarding his way to safety in the no matter what


The romp fatigues with a sudden flop

Gathering him in for a cuddle of love

Held to the sweetness of his baby’s breath

As it slows to sweet slumped snores


I take the responsibility on as a gift

Gratitude fills me up in puppy love

Forever changed by the welcomed journey

He’s a Bandit.  He stole my love

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One response to “The Bandit, ‘Boo’

  1. I’m so happy you’ve found such a special boy! xo


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