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It’s all good till it isn’t and then it is.

30th Day… NaPoWriMo.

There is never a conclusion to writing poetry, tho’ this is the last day of NaPoWriMo. I like to participate in this cause it pushes my edges. I can’t say I like everything I wrote, and then again it doesn’t matter. The journey, the process, the doing, the discipline of it feels right and good. If I want, I can pull out the poems that I want to edit and play around with. It’s all good.

Thanks to all of you that took the time to read them and took the time to value and enjoy poetry. More to come. I can’t help myself.



It’s All good till it isn’t
In the choosing of opposites
The bad can go away
In the attitude of choice
once the embrace of bad
takes and shakes the foundation,
tosses and batters, hits and slams
Sobs and writhes.
It has you till it doesn’t
and sometime the crawl to
Goodness scrapes and scares.

It’s all good till it isn’t
till the ready to shift attitude
knows to go on like this much longer
is likely to bury the loss of feel good
somewhere between hell and death.
There is no dismissing the pain
It’s here like a vise grip’s angry clench
It needs to have it way till the going
through it is enough and when is
enough enough?

It’s All good till it isn’t
The answer is all in the journey waiting
For positive choice and a shift in attitude
The Highest good maybe a mystery
And it waits for discovery in every moment
Every moment. Every moment
Like right now, you get to choose
Is it all good, or bad, neutral?
What will you make it?
What will you choose?

It’s all good


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The Wholy Grail of Wellness

day 29…NapoWriMo

Wholy Grail.

art by.. Georgina-Gibson

Too quick to critique what didn’t happen

To what found it’s way in words here

Out in the minutes given for possibilities

In being exactly enough in that hard rough

voice that thinks it knows so well


The well that feels the dis-ease of not enough

Not so well in the being of that harsh critic

Oh well is that deep hole in the ground

tossing the bucket down on a thin string

to the water unseen from up here


The splash feels good as it vibrates up

the string in hands that wants to hold the drink

to pour it in the parched mouth filling up

in this desert made of old history and lies

on a string that can hardly hold the weight


In the pull up slowly of that water’s oasis

Cool and pure  for the taking and filling

Such a long time in that arid desert

On a quest for that Wholy Holy Grail

with that thin string that holds the gift

Stronger made of will and an open heart


Surrendering up what didn’t happen to

Embrace what did in the long deep drink

From the search to that Well of Wholeness

When the entire world becomes an oasis

And just now you made that discovery








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I Am Convinced.

day 27… napowrimo



I am convinced we are all like trees and grass
Sky and Sun, Moon and stars, rain and snow
Growing strong and burying our roots deep
Rising to greet the sun in a verdancy of excitement
Dreaming dreams in the vast blue beyond the
Midnight infinite sparkle and super nova
Cycling like the moon in the moody pattern
that keeps calling us to let our seasons winter
And summer, spring and fall, in their rest,
in their exuberance, their spice, their budding.
Do we not know all this birthing, living, and dying?
Re-birthing like the trees and grass, the sky and sun,
The moon and stars, in the rain and snow.
Rotating around in a Milky Way of togetherness
Never ceasing, alway cycling, leaving patterns,
re-creating, re-storing, giving back, taking away
In the ever after, ever more of me and you and us
Doing the same thing, here, there, far away and near
Rooting, budding, greening, living, flowering, dying
In the back to the earth it all goes and we start all
over again, and again, and again
What will convince you that you are One with All this?


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Old Love’s visitation

day 25… napowrimo

Nudes with bow #@2

Shared history in a chemistry of long ago
Decades have passed mostly whispered by
With scattered temptations and other yearnings
In flash mob moments caught in an
exuberant push for remembering connection

There will always be this love undenied
The many long agos and far away
are the coloured threads that weave us
Worn in places still weaving anew.
In the rise of chemistry that stills lingers

Old love that joys the heart and laughs
In-spite of distances and other loves
Other lives, all tumbles together for
in the memorabilia of lives well lived
while still unfolding into the next

We meet like it was yesterday
In that familiar way of us
In essence still thriving
building our tomorrows
in this today in our goodbye.

till next time


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day 24..  napowrimo.

This poem comes from my Creativity Coach, Jill Badonsky.  She asked; “Where do your ideas come for writing.”  Somewhere in her dialogue she mentioned Dr. Seuss.  That’s where this all took me and now here it is.  Prompts are funny thing.

Feeling Seuss-ish



Sometimes it’s out the window that they come

Sometimes it comes from feeling gloom

Sometimes it comes because they come

There’s nothing really gloom in

the all around of all the fun


That font wants a way and place to romp

That font out my brain those words do jump

That font goes just as they want to clump

They dump and clump when I pull them

from that lump


Oh Goodness me how it all does flow

Oh goodness me when I let all those words go

Oh goodness me the words arrow from my bow

How so all those words go when I’m on

that wordy roll


So there’s wonder from whence it all comes

So there’s wonder in the fontin’ sum

So there’s wonder how the hell I gets it done

It’s done cause it must get done else die

with no fontin’ fun


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The American Dream… revamped

day 23… napowrimo.


The American Dream revamped


I wonder what’s missing looking around at everything

The American Dream made a big pitch for

“It’s out there Baby and you go get it”

Build those dreams on all that demand

to have and hold the making of greater and lesser

things Out There, where success brands its name

in the searing want to get out there and get it all


If you make it they Will buy it

If you make it they will want it

If you dream it into being, it’s the

dream that leaves us out there

far away from who we really are


I wonder what’s missing looking around at everything

All those dreams and schemes made manifest

That we all tuck our lives into for every reason

That gives rise to the Sun everyday

Work hard to gain.  Work hard to have

Work hard to make a future

Work hard cause that’s what

we do to get ahead, get there, get stuff

Get along, get stuck, get lonely

Feel a void, in the Out There

Cause It’s the Dream


If you join you’re a winner

If you Join you’re in the club

If you dream it, it’s yours

Out there, somewhere far

from who you really wanted

to dream yourself into being


What’s missing is not out there in that everything

Nothing ‘out there’ feeds the soul’s desire for

unity, oneness, love, peace, joy, creativity.

It’s just not ‘out there’ in the fraud of that

old over used dream.


“It’s in there Baby, right in your heart

so when you’re awaken to it you can

go out there and Be what you dreamed.”


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Earth Day and The MilkyWay

Day 21… napowrimo… a day late…LOL

earth white


Earth wins in her natures

There is no crowding her

No boxing her in one way

or another


One day is not just hers

In the declaration of it

All Days are hers in

the facts of it


That Hallmark way of

Proclamation wants for

remembrance in a rush

of printed trees


And explicative on the

glory of recycled paper

and non-toxic inks

as some of us


Dance the tribal dance

of Earth wellness and

chant for the healing rains

and the end


To all that tarnishes

And rapes the beauty

And wonder of this Earth

that will always win


She makes generous

Our living on her in her seasons

She give us tremble and rage

because it is


How her nature needs

For her beginnings and endings

Her thrive in spite of us

Her thrive for


The Love of us who take

Forgetting the giving back

For it is in the giving

that all is received


For all the planets in perfect

Sync make sure of this

She is of their family

The MilkyWay wins

















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Resurrection of Spring… the yearning.

day 20… What do you resurrect?

Ireland in Spring

Pagan roots have settled deep

What is fertile awakens to Ishtar’s call

Meadow dances and moonlit coupling

Seeds planted for the summer’s birthing


Resurrection of what seems dead and bare

Only to rise again from the sleep of winter

That quiet peace of rest and darkness

Pushing out and up to the chatter of life’s call


Celebration heats the Spring winds

Cycles and passages of starlight dreams

Under the moon of seasons changing

Oh how the Sun calls to life’s greening


In bones and cells the hail must be herald

Awakening elements within and all around

Stirring up this seasons quaking return

The fever must be fed for this yearning.








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Of Puppy Love.. a pantoum.. day 19

day 19… NaPoWriMo


On Puppy Love.. a pantoum


In the expression lies the answers

All that sweetness carries the heart homeward

Of puppy love in the fluff and cuddle

How clever nature is to know the work of that tease


All that sweetness carries the heart homeward

Fills the pulses up with the flutter of desire and want

How clever nature is to know the work of that tease

The breath of it is the scent of seduction


Fills the pulses up with the flutter of desire and want

Swoons the mind into the charms of the beloved

The breath of it is the scent of seduction

The heart so open it has room for even more love


Swoons the mind into the charms of the beloved

Who can deny the pleasure of all that sweetness?

The heart so open it has room for even more love

The infancy of love cherishes the romp of the heart


Who can deny the pleasure of all that sweetness?

Bring on all that tender and joy

The infancy of love cherishes the romp of the heart

Wrap yourself in the gift of a heart truly open


Bring on all that tender and joy

Of puppy love int eh fluff and cuddle

Wrap yourself in the gift of a hear truly open

In the expression lies the answer.


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“You can’t travel the Path till you become the Path”

NaPoWriMo… and what a day that is.

“You Can’t travel the Path till you become the Path”


There are many worn paths on this journey

Many forks in the road leading to the next one.

Deterrents are beyond multiple; caught in the wind

snagged by a twig, stumbled by a rock

The hawk cries, the squirrel races, the brook babbles

Each look/see slow the motions where the going is

And if the get there has any chance of getting anywhere

When it all doesn’t matter in the going cause you’re there

The path is yours, you become the path that is

and all this forking and snagging, and stumbling

is for the personal enjoyment that makes it all

a pleasurable morning walk to no-where in particular

Cause you’re already exactly where you’re suppose to be.

And That’s perfect



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