Snakes, Apples, and Satan’s Light

day 4, napowrimo.


Snakes, Apples, and Satan’s Light


Shedding off that snake’s wrap after the tree climb

makes the swing from branch to branch freeing.

Shakes off the fruit before the Big Bite at the

Garden’s gate.


The ground looks so far down

before both feet hit Earth’s cushion.

Maybe it’s all fours that makes the land

like a panther on the move for the wild and free

away from the slither and squeeze


Dirt and grass hold tight securing the Garden path

that leads away from that snake and tree.

The smell of rotting apples lingers sweet

with each inhale rising, crushed between toes


That damn old snake wraps around the

upper most branches flicking it’s teasing tongue.

A taunt that won’t soon be forgotten in the hold on

of what imaginings take love and rightness away.


Letting go of that old shield lets the chilled wind

hit where everything is so vulnerable and new.

Awakening to what was forgotten in the dream

that seemed to matter to someone else’s slither.


A biblical hoax queuing us to transformation’s

parable where the answers wait so willingly for

the questions.  And that satan snake has always

been an angel in disguise falling from grace to

find grace in the peeling off of old darkness that

gives way to the ultimate lightness of being.









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