I’m in…

Day 6, napowrimo


Today I’m using a prompt  from my Creativity Coach teacher Jill Badonsky.  We have an on-line writers group.   This is Jill’s website.  It’s very cool.    www.themuseisin.com

The prompt is about repetition using these three/two words and to see where they go.  “I’m in…”

So, here I go..


I’m in like Flynn

I’m in cause I can’t help myself

I’m in cause I can’t help myself and there is nowhere else in the Universe I’d rather be.

I’m in cause I can’t help myself, and there is nowhere else in the Universe I’d rather be than here with this Flynn character that needs me to be here with him.  Tho’ I think Flynn is a girl.

I’m in cause sometimes you get followed or are followed by Flynn types that tickle you at your edges

till the compelling urge to step into Flynnisms is a must

I’m in for the possibility that Flynning around is exactly what is needed

I’m in this just deep enough to have to go in a little deeper to find my way through

I’m in cause I have decided that Flynn is the only way to go to get to the other side

I’m in when out was how I rolled before I met Flynn on the inside of out

I’m in these words for how  the Flynnish repetition of this whole madness has a hold on me and I must repeat till there is no more of it left in me to repeat.

I’m in for the ride and the loop d’loop of giving myself completely over to this Flynnishness that has created an over and under to my day.  I am not yet on my belly.

I’m in without the fear of being out because once in, you’re in like Flynn.

I’m in for the sake of Flynn at this point, not that this is in anyway a needy experience.

I’m in cause, like I said in the very beginning, “I can’t help myself.”

I’ve been Flynned and I accept that that makes me in no matter what.


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