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Treats In My Pocket

day 9, NaPoWriMo..



My pockets all have puppy treats in them

This Winter baby found me this Spring

In the ridiculously cuteness of mask

and black and white fluff


The Romanians had him in Inkster

Cozied up with his litter mates

Deciding which way to wiggle and wag

Racing for the pile of microwaved hotdogs


In who gets in first wins that load of process

With the piddles on the floor wiped fast away

In the flurry of fur in and out of that crate

A tumble of puppies in the unsure of it all.


We call it a litter only now I think it’s a tumble

A Tumble of puppies all over themselves for the

food win.  For the attention getters, for the love.

For me to add puppy treats to all my pockets


In the praise, in the training, in the just because

you’re the cutest damn little puppy I have ever seen

and I want all that wagging, bright eyed goodness

all over me as often as possible.


My pockets all have puppy treats in them

The weight of them is slight and I jiggle them

in my fingers as we walk the new walk down

the street in this new to you neighborhood.


Of smells and leaves and Spring greening

Of new sounds and the intense alertness that

you have of the world around you in the trot

and pride of ownership of this street.


We get to know each others ways and in the days

that come there will always be treats of praise and love

jiggling in my fingers in my pockets, as we

jaunt together smelling the good Earth.



Feeling very grateful..



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