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DAY 16 of napowrimo.



There is no maze he would not follow
The mystery holds all the dark hands
In the light of every heart laid on the table
It made no difference which rabbit to follow

The follow can’t be denied in the blood of
who he is in how it courses through his veins.
Alice knew in her leaving, the angles and corners
Of the twisted curl he took without her

Getting what holds him doesn’t make for staying
Even if in him she found that space in his heart
Where their blood converged and the coming
Together mazed them in all those angles and rhymes

A dreamy pattern of magic and wonder leading
Everywhere and anywhere in limited choices
To get to out from what brought them in
He controlled which fork to take in the left and right

He held her hand in the lead heart loving
Always on the labyrinth trail sure
She would lose herself if she let him go
When letting go was her through and out

It was a long weave alone without him
Without her the maze went down the dark rabbit hole
And the Queen of hearts made her deal
In the dark and the light of whatever the end

Alice found that the in was her out peering
Where the rabbit taunted the mazer down
And awakening from the dream was
How she found herself back to finding herself

He is big and small hoping to get through
the door that gives him the final way out

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