The American Dream… revamped

day 23… napowrimo.


The American Dream revamped


I wonder what’s missing looking around at everything

The American Dream made a big pitch for

“It’s out there Baby and you go get it”

Build those dreams on all that demand

to have and hold the making of greater and lesser

things Out There, where success brands its name

in the searing want to get out there and get it all


If you make it they Will buy it

If you make it they will want it

If you dream it into being, it’s the

dream that leaves us out there

far away from who we really are


I wonder what’s missing looking around at everything

All those dreams and schemes made manifest

That we all tuck our lives into for every reason

That gives rise to the Sun everyday

Work hard to gain.  Work hard to have

Work hard to make a future

Work hard cause that’s what

we do to get ahead, get there, get stuff

Get along, get stuck, get lonely

Feel a void, in the Out There

Cause It’s the Dream


If you join you’re a winner

If you Join you’re in the club

If you dream it, it’s yours

Out there, somewhere far

from who you really wanted

to dream yourself into being


What’s missing is not out there in that everything

Nothing ‘out there’ feeds the soul’s desire for

unity, oneness, love, peace, joy, creativity.

It’s just not ‘out there’ in the fraud of that

old over used dream.


“It’s in there Baby, right in your heart

so when you’re awaken to it you can

go out there and Be what you dreamed.”


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One response to “The American Dream… revamped

  1. Your last stanza is profound. So many are looking for something that is only found within. Thanks for your visit dear one.


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