Daily Archives: 02/04/2015

A Living Altar

I am beach stones and shells

a wisp of wind to sand

a poem to yet to be writtenarizona and altered book 007

I am a Fairy finding her tale

I am chakras of sacred geometry

I am every yesterday

I am that feather found

that flower turning

a candle lit

I am my mother face

my father’s song

I am hands laid up

I am hands laid down

I am healing light

a forest of pine

the smell of grandmothers

a whiff of youthful remembering

I am spiraling galaxies

I am of infinite space

I am God, Spirit, Source

magic and mystery

I am every myth unfolding

I am the untold waiting

I am She Who is the altar

And all this and more I place

on my sacred journey to BE

All that I am and have ever been


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