Scmy hand and the heart #3little

Why would I read how she poured gas over her child

set her on fire

When I can sink myself in my soft couch and let

the morning sun rise on me.


Why would I follow the photos of decimated war torn

villages of weeping mothers and children

When I can take my little dog for a walk in my neighborhood


Why would I tune in to the fearful news of death and

destruction on the TV

When I can write a poem of love.


Why would I listen to the promises of equality and

fairness by Politician

When I can go out into my community and feed

the hungry.


Why allow the endless vile cruelty of the very few

consume my attention

When I can choose to live a life of kindness and care.


Why let impatience rule my moments

When finding patience finds it’s way to resolutions


Why not look to a sunset, a laughing child,

a happy puppy, the face of a loved one?

Why not hold sacred the wonder of breathing

and the heart beating?

Why not Be the being that makes a difference

in how this day unfolds and the next one after that?


Why Why Why Be less than, when you have always

been more than you ever dreamed yourself into being.


When will you tune out the fear?

When will you awaken to the best of you?

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