The Knit and Purl of it

2014-03-19 10.35.13

She was not that much younger or prettier

Time had had its way with the both of us.

Not in that cruel way that time can shrivel

and lay pain deep to the bone

More in the gradual way years give toll

to bodies active and hungry for life.


Side by side to the steady click of our needles

building the weave of knit and purl in steady lines

Finding the commonality in the unexpected line

of our lives in the school days in the same town

Siblings held to old friendships in the how did

we not know that.


Click click we build our chatter to who knows who

in the way back then, in the isn’t that wonderful.

Reminisce conjuring up all those decades ago

carrying us to retirement and medicare,

And those we knew almost together, bonding

in the simple knit and purl of making something

That lasts forever.

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