Prompt, The Cruelest Month/s

Prompt from    The cruelest month.



Every month has a way of strapping on bad weather

that puts you over its’ knee and spanks you like a child.

Like it was you that did the wrong thing;

a smart ass remark about lightening,

you made a bad snowman,

you pluck a flower from a neighbor’s yard,

you peed in the community pool.

You were extra naughty and now a storm is brewing

Like a big ass one that’s going to dump as much

cruelty and destruction as it can all over your bad decisions.

Nature wins and don’t you forget that.

Mountains of snow fall, the spiral destruction of

a tornado that takes your town down,

The flood that takes away your bicycle

or maybe your little sister, or puppy.

Your car is upside down in a snow bank,

The earth cracked open and ate the road home.

And all you did was not recycle, or maybe

you threw your car trash out the window.

Heaven forbid you put the wrong thing

down the toilet and now…

Take the blame, take the punishment

that the high drifts of winter’s sharing,

or the deluge of Springs floods,

not to forget how those Summer months

burn and leave the cancer of it on your flesh,

And then the Autumn comes all spicy

and ready for harvest and damn if she/he

doesn’t forget to give back like you thought she would.

Harvest those weeds you naughty person.

Starve like you deserve.

Every month has its cruel giving because

we’re all stripping the Earth and taking

without giving back, and peeing in the water

we swim in or worse drink.

Cutting away forests, fracking the land,

Spreading out our waste in every corner

of the world cause we’re busy using resources up.

And you wonder why nature straps on a good

storm and spanks the bejesus outta us.

Cruelty?  I call it “Come on People, wake UP”

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