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Day 13 NaPoWriMo..  Prompt… Things you might find in a fortune cookie


You are going to get really luck soon

You’ll have great success as a dancer

There is someone important you will meet today

Avoid the cracks of life

A white car holds the love of your life

Who said you couldn’t do What?

Listen more attentively today

A surprise awaits you at the laundry mat

Pay attention to unlikely answers

The right question will get you everything you ever wanted

Live as if this is the last day of your life

Play IT for the song

The Universe rushes to meet your intention

A message from mother is waiting for you

You already know everything you ever needed to know

To get love is to give love

You are perfect as you are

It’s time to let THAT go

Play 11, 22, 14, 65, 19

You are the reason

There is something you have forgotten that needs remembering

Nothing happens unless you make it so

Get off your sorry ass and get busy

You’re holding on to something that needs letting go of.

Quit taking it all so seriously

That thing?  Remember?  It is NOT about you

If you think it’s right it is. If you think it’s wrong you’re right

If not NOW, When?

That person… Remember?  They didn’t mean it

Never ever diet

It’s time for a road trip

Yes, you are the person you were meant to be

Stop it… NOW

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