There is enough Sun for EveryONE.

Air is not exclusive to how it shares

Earth has been freely giving for millennia 

Your Body is a Sea, a Lake, a pond, 

Your blood all flows the same colour as other

And without your heart pumping it

Life ends


 There is enough Sun for everyOne

In our differences and sameness

I sit next to you and breathe in you exhale

I stand next you and feel the presence of

you earth body

If you let me hold you close, I feel the 

pounding of your heart, your life force

next to mine.


There is enough Sun for Everyone

Enough Air for everyOne

Enough Earth to live on and grow on

Enough Water to flow with




It requires us to tend to it all

To steward the land

the waters, the air


There is enough Sun for everyone

and is that enough?

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