It’s so good it’s bad, it’s so bad it’s good.

16 April 2019.  


There is rarely a knowing to what I lay down here in poems n’ Prose.  There is no plan ahead, little if any editing.  Writing a poem a day for whatever length of days chosen is, for me and act of Living in the Moment, the Be Here Now.  

It’s a ‘drop-in’ to the ethers, the liminal space between worlds and dimensions.  it gets me out of a ‘have-to’, an obligation to preform well, it switches off a perfectionistic something-or-other and I feel into that release, that freedom that comes with  letting go of the outcome.

If I please YOU, the reader, then dang, lucky me and you.  

And so you know, I Do wish to please you, stir you up, invite you into some thinking, feeling inspiration that might shift a stuck place, or stimulate your creative life force to take action on your own behalf.  

So today… in this moment, what rises in me to write is:

It’s so bad it’s good.  It’s so good it’s bad.


Bad to swim with sharks

So good to feel the deep, wet freedom


Good to behave the Fool

So bad when you’re just stupid


Bad to forget simple kindnesses

Good that you finally get that awareness


Good that you stepped in to being honest

Bad that you made it all about you


Good that there is 24 hours to a day

Badish that we are caught in a time continuum

Bad that there is violence and war

Good for those that challenge it

Bad that so many of us disregard the Earth’s needs

Good that there are those that take action on behalf of the Earth

Good that you engage the wonder of living

Bad that you disrespect your own life force

Good that you care for others

Bad that you are care-less with yourself

Bad that you assume someone ‘should’ be like you

Good that you get your ass kicked for believing that

Bad that you don’t take responsibility for your actions

Good that you get some therapy to figure that shit out

Good that you do not make judgements on others differences

Bad when you go into the gossip of it

Good that see yourself in All humans and animals

Bad that you go into forgetfulness

Good is Bad and Good gets Bad to get to Good

The polarity is held to the hold of separation

And separation makes it easy to disregard

our sameness, our equality. 

Get your shit together and figure it out

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