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The Way of Words ~ The Birth of Sentences

25 April 2019


Words drop in like clatter in a tin can

like soft rain that goes torrential

like broken glass on the mind highway

or the random strike of lightening 

hitting the brain’s circuitry 


A scatter of run-together sentences

and stray explicative punctuations

in blinking flashes across the eyes

there is no grabbing ahold of them

not while they play the strobe dance


The best is to let some land in the heart

or maybe the womb space for a birthing

that is what they want really

to land in some poetic ordered sense

with a big breathy sob of exclamation


Once they squeeze out of that canal

all bright and shine and newly ordered

fully alive and ready to live out-loud

it’s the way words are in how they clatter

how they get birthed and sentenced


cc… jeanne Adwani.

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