She raged as the Earth in full tilt cracked wide open

Swallowing everything whole with great lust

She didn’t bother to chew, or show her pleasure

She didn’t bother to give a shit one way or the other

Rage can be fierce and shameless. 


The thing is, is that every moment of her expansive indignation

Made her hungry for more of the same want of destruction

Her molten belly was nowhere near full and digestion was no issue

Centuries of longing, eons of unrequited, lifetimes of carelessness

Fierce and shameless she took it all down


it was bound to happen; destine you might say as you noticed

How humans made careless of living, of taking with no return

Thinking that they were in control of the elementals, the seasons

She laughs in the face of that bull shit, that lie that humans do

No shame in taking that shit down with ferocity


She said, “Fuck you!, you had millions of years to figure this out.

I have molten lava in my belly, and I have had enough. Done”

She meant it in this brutal ending of humanity in despair

She will dream the dream of renewal and new life will flourish

She is shameless.  She is fierce.  Don’t fuck with Mama Earth.




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