I’m jeanne adwani, from Ypsilanti, MI.  I own Be Hair Now, hair salon right down town.   734 260-0629.

I claim the geezer girl status as I am indeed a ‘geezer’, over ….. ( I’m NOT telling) and I feel like a 30 something woman, all young, fresh and sassy: Grabbing the world by it’s roots and feeling the soil of me fed by the Sun and the rain. The wind blows through my hair like a hair commercial, and I dive into life to feel whatever it has to give.

So, the body doesn’t meet with my 30 year old perceptions, so what right?  I have wisdom that comes with this age and I’m here to share some of it with you.  Please share back.  Wisdom is infinite and we all have some.

19 responses to “About

  1. great write up about yourself and it’ll be great to have a pic pinned in since you are a famous hairstylist with an apt for writing and an age that matches mine.. thank you for coming by my blog jeanne..


  2. So pleased you joined my little game…thank you…and love your blog…xx Eliza


  3. I’d be going to your hair dressing salon…that’s just the tude I like…only it’s a wee bit far. Keep having fun with life 🙂


  4. Keep on keepin on! (P.S.) Ann Arbor, what a great town…I was only there once for a few weeks over 30 years ago, but I had a really good time and always remembered it as a really cool place.


  5. Love that attitude!


  6. Well, hello there, missy. Geezer? Never in a million years would I conjure your image there. Missed all my friends today. Had miles to go and things to see. When was the last time I laughed uproariously? Why this day, of course.


  7. When I was teenager I had to go to a funeral and there was a salon across the street whose name I’ll never forget. “The Hair After”


  8. oh… that’s a good one.


    • Diane

      Geezer conjures up a vision in my mind. A tiny weezened bent personage shambling down the row;cane in hand and a confused expression on the face. Wondering how he or she got there. I have seen the sign “Geezer Crossing”. I visualize myself as young, vibrant, exciting, skin flawlessly smooth, You may address me as “youngster”.


  9. Diane

    Doesn’t fit my image of myself. Independent. but thanks for the input. you have a fantastic week. I know I am.


  10. Wonderful blog posts, kept me intrigued that long that I lost the track of time! Will be back for more geezer stories : )


  11. Daniel Webster

    Greetings from South Texas, ma’am. I see you’re still a bit whacko, but even this old saddletramp can see you care about folks. Maybe we’ll sip some tea sometime.
    Daniel Webster
    Close to the Border


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