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I 94 Outside of Chelsea, mi

I 94 Outside of Chelsea, mi



In my little part of the MidWest, it’s been raining and raining, and then raining some more.

There is so much goodness in the rain;  the way the thunder rolls right through you, energizing.

The way those clouds gather and grey in the vast turbulence, bursting with storm.

Rain is a desired want for so many places on the Earth.  It comes to some and not to others.

Like too much humidity in the summer that I really am not fond of, I hesitate to critique the rain’s giving.

And… I’m ready for the clouds to open to blue and the sun’s more tender touch to the earth.

I want a whisper of cool breeze all over me.

So… these are my poems for these rainy days…


The sky has been crying for days

Laid it’s flood all over the land

Surely those crocodile tears come

from a galactic belly laugh at us

fools held to gravities pull of the

Earth’s collaboration with the Heavens


A Pantoum…

The sky has been crying for days

Giving giant heaving belly laughs

Profound thunderous sobs of grief

Earth collaborates with the Heavens

Giant heaving belly laughs

When the world isn’t being comical

Earth collaborates with the Heavens

Seeking joy and goodness in the wherever

When the world isn’t being comical

When desperation, hunger, and war win

Seeking joy and goodness in the wherever

There is enough of everything for everyone

When desperation, hunger and war win

Profound, thunderous sobs of grief

There IS enough of everything for everyone

The sky has been crying for days



The sky cries for days

Poems gather in the tearing

Flooding shares herself

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“…We are not the only experiment”    Buckminster Fuller

This poem is from a prompt that invited me to choose a random quote and take the last few words of it and make it my own.

Photo 13

We are not the only experiment.

We are The experiment torn from the heavens

of infinite possibilities to a finite moment

of existence in the experience of polar chaos.

Three dimensional duality reality

And it’s some other infinite Beings

reality show.


We are not the only experiment

laid to the Universal pertri-dish

of spinning galaxies in Milky Ways

of murky existence to see how humanoids

will get along in the radicalization of duality

In the dark and light of it all

In the rotational up and down and

all around of the Hokey Pokey

with all yourself in wether you wanted

in or out in this dance of Being-ness.


And it is all about the left and right

of you stepping into this Circle of Life

on this planet in it’s petri-dish we think is

floating out there in the vast somewhere

Not on that shelving unit that has no end

to it,  Of old men, agelessly ambling

down the corridor of infinite everything

eyeballing each piece of Infinity to

see if one of us can make this Earth

thing work.


Can we get along and survive?

Can we steward abundance ?

Can we Love unconditionally?


We ARE NOT the only experiment

In Infinity’s Infinite and we will find our

way Home sooner or later

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To A Stony Beach

Glen Arbor Beach

Glen Arbor Beach

Into the quiet calm blue sky

Breeze a whisper tap

to what clings to sand and stone

Clear lake gives licks

to the stony beach in soft repeat

Sun gives all his heat for Spring rising


There is no hurry in this day

Only the call to ease and breath

In the slow sink of steps along the shore

Eyes called to the stony hope of treasure

And the shimmer lake smells of winter’s retreat

A distant buoy rings it’s caution


Too far away for the care of this wander

Seeking stony fortune a pirate’s quest

A dazzle of gold, a ring of emerald

A chalice, a charm, a chest of stolen bounty

when now, a stone will do, an empty shell

a bit of washed to smooth wood.


A wanderer, a pirate, a youth remembered

Into the quiet calm blue sky

With no hurry to the day

Far away from the careless

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The Hard and EAse of Flow

adams mouth hurrican2


Flow is not working

Paradox of opposites

Oxymoron sky


And then some


There is sense to a flow

that gives to a natural ease

When going with the flow

finds calm in each moment


Till the application of Hard comes

And what was finding ease

Finds velocity by disruption


or maybe worse


Stagnation pools at your feet

wrapped in a morbid stench

of passivity going no-where

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