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Night laid herself down

2012-10-29 00.02.41


Night swallowed up all the shiny blue

It swallowed up the deep grey gloom   

It swallowed up difference and likenesses

It swallowed lit corners and ate



Night swallowed up the tired and depleted

the lonely and forgotten

Night swallowed up all the joys

and gratitudes, the platitudes, and honors

tucking them in for a Sunny return


Night came to give rest to the light

To quiet the busy mind

To give replenishment for the long day

To lay down the dreams

of possibilities

of hope,

of making better.


Ending the worst for a new chance

Dreams of Love and beauty that will find light

in the new day.

Herald a new Alchemy for tomorrow.


And maybe

Night came to have no dreams at all

save for the tender dive

into the want of nothingness

to forget regrets and disappointments

to simply fall deep down the path

of sleep.


Night laid Herself down


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23 Dec. 2017

Todays blog includes a friend/author of mine, with the pseudo name, A.M. Salt.  We will be sharing my blog for the next month or so.  Enjoy our different styles, our different ways we find ourselves calling up the words that feel like they need saying.

snow ponies



Vast is the presence of the infinite
Empty in the unknown
Spacious beyond comprehension

Waiting for a message
Fingertips poised for the tap
The mundane gathers the call

Waiting for the whisper of a gift
Feeling the sureness of words
That the cosmos will deliver

Hard is the buzz of the amour stink bug
In the immediacy of the invite
Hidden in the folds of the curtains

The winged buzz threatens a landing
Breaking into Empty presence
A thief of the silent waiting.

Hands and arms flapping it away
Utterances of unkindnesses
Knowing the creepy feel of that crawl

The awareness now seeks to awaken
This traveler that meets the intrusion
with resistance and a curse

What say you armored bug?
Gift me with your presences
Share the vastness of this Now

I give you freedom in winter chill
As the last bit of life of you
Speaks to the One Heart

In the Empty presence of
The vastness that is in All
Wisdom is in everything

Jeanne Adwani

* * * * * * * *

If I ever forget
the trout that rose
behind the biggest stone
in the middle of the stream
near Whitefish
the year that just my Mother and I
went to fish camp

Remind me, would you?

Its snout surfaced
to take a Blue Olive
drifted just so over the top of the rock
and spilled into the eddying pool.
Remind me how the orange maples’
reflection shone on its back.

A.M. Salt

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Skookumchuck Narrows before the tide came in on a full moon night


SKOOKUMCHUCK NARROWS, BC.   2005  The tide came in.


I take the Narrow’s tempestuousness slit

My boat lost to a long ago of well being

The full moon calls the Sea to give rise to the tide

She pulls its out to bring it in

What comes  in greets what is going out

a violent swirl, a vortex of pull and funneled force

A ride like wild mustangs in a fevered run

Holding on as if life means everything

And everything means nothing

but to ride out the tide


I take the Narrows on this full moon night

For want to imagine this journey of all journeys

Will gather  me in under the luminous night orb

Drown me to make me wholy and awakened

to rise out of the depths of my ending

Washed clean. left naked, pulling in air

before my lungs explode in defeat

Dreaming of the gills that let me swim

before this time of living knew that limitation.


I took the Narrows to an ending

Finding the breath of a new beginning

Waiting for the next unfolding.


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Devils sleep in your dream bed

They mostly abide in Story’s head

Around and around the tale does go

When they tempt and tease at life’s flow

Avoid the under tow


Waking, you wonder the truth of it all

These dreams of said devils, an angel’s fall

Once pure and white, at heaven’s pearly gate

To Hades tis said you go in flames and wait

You can break that date


Depends where beliefs fill your minds

Depends where fear holds and abides

Depends if these devils have a hold on you

Peel fear away and you get to choose

Don’t be misused


There is no telling you what to believe

When we all want to live, love, and receive

Seven Billion strong on a floating orb

Where power and greed hunger for more

Have love at your core


“Devil be gone” a cry from within

You believe you deserve punishment for sin

Love has not left you, you are Spirit’s child

Awaken to Love you are not exiled

Sit with peace awhile


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The Ending is a New Beginning

Day 30… the last day of National poetry Month.

Thank you to those who have followed and read my work.

I deeply appreciate that.

As is my favorite style of poetry, I give you a pantoum.

I will be gathering my pantoums for a poetry book.

Stay tuned.




A day comes to sunset, a story ends, a loved one dies.

A relationship meets its closure, a beginning finds it’s end

And endings make a place for a new possibility

Life is woven in spirals, cycles of starts and finishes


A relationship meets its closure, a beginning finds its end

The in-betweens hold the reactions, the bitter and the sweet

Life is woven in spirals, cycles of starts and finishes

Curves and turns, betrayals and losses, the heart breaks


The in-betweens hold the reaction, the bitter and the sweet

The re-start is out of reach in the crush of life’s take away

Curves and turns, betrayals and losses, the heart breaks

A new day gives rise out of the dark night


The re-start is out of reach in the crush of life’s take away

And endings make a place for a new possibility

A new days gives rise out of the dark night

A day comes to sunset, a story ends, a loved one dies

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PRINCE… a tribute


Thousand of tributes praise your name

We gather to shed our Purple Rain

The Guitars round the world Gently Weep

While we like Thieves in a Temple mourn your death sleep


You Got The Look we all chased after to see

You HardRocklover your destiny to be

If I Was Your Girlfriend, known you a bit

In that Little Red Corvette next to you I would sit


Do Me Baby, get us all Soft and Wet.

You Princed around us and we hungered to get

A piece of your grandeur, FallinLove2nite

You Got the Look that gave us your great musical Light


What is too soon to go? What is the right time to leave?

You leave us with much joy and loss makes us grieve.

It’s not like I knew you, It’s not like we made touch

There is something about ‘heros’ that matter so much


I’m not hanging on your shirt tail, better that frilly shirt

I be part of the millions of fans that shutter with mirth

Thanks for your music, thanks for your visual gifts

Thanks for being the hero  we all  needed to make you a great myth


I give no goodbye, see you later La Petit Prince

I’ll sing along with your music, I’ll be sure to dance


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Day 18

2012-11-07 01.30.59-2

in my LIGHT

Stepping aside from noticing, you take notice

Peripheral vision reaching out to inform you of the edges

Lonely out there in the just enough far away to be hopeful

That with a slight turn of the head eyes will catch that certain light

That has been waiting there since time began .


It isn’t that you haven’t noticed it, or avoided it

It has a magic to it that stays right at those edges of vision

A glimmer, a nuance, a radiance you can feel without seeing

That knowing can be enough, till you want to soak yourself

Let all that Light in from the heaven that sit at your far edges


A radiance  that will come around and wrap you all up

It calls you to God, or Spirit, or Source, it calls to You.

Filling all your empty spaces with brilliance and Grace

Cause when you stopped trying to chase it, or notice it

It came fully around for your taking, only it had never left you


Noticing Heaven on Earth is like that

You know, that surrender to the best of a moment

When all is illuminated perfectly

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