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Trees breathe in starlight… found language.

I stole the first line of this poem from the quote below.  “Trees breathe in starlight…”  I found it lovely and magical.  I don’t think I’m done writing about it yet.  And this little poem feels just right right now.

IMG_3297winter in michigan.  A hoarfrost.

Trees breathe in starlight

The shimmer of the Milky Way

A dance of constellations

A rhythmic pulse of night glitter

Pulled down and in

held in bark and limb

twig and leaf

Seed and stem

The inhale of constellations

from all that Infinite

goes to root

And the Earth

feeds on heavenly


“You know why trees smell the way they do? Stars. Trees breathe in starlight year after year, and it goes deep into their bones. So when you cut a tree open, you smell a hundred years’ worth of light. Ancient starlight that took millions of years to reach earth. That’s why trees smell so beautiful and old.”

Frances O’Roark Dowell.

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Treats In My Pocket

day 9, NaPoWriMo..



My pockets all have puppy treats in them

This Winter baby found me this Spring

In the ridiculously cuteness of mask

and black and white fluff


The Romanians had him in Inkster

Cozied up with his litter mates

Deciding which way to wiggle and wag

Racing for the pile of microwaved hotdogs


In who gets in first wins that load of process

With the piddles on the floor wiped fast away

In the flurry of fur in and out of that crate

A tumble of puppies in the unsure of it all.


We call it a litter only now I think it’s a tumble

A Tumble of puppies all over themselves for the

food win.  For the attention getters, for the love.

For me to add puppy treats to all my pockets


In the praise, in the training, in the just because

you’re the cutest damn little puppy I have ever seen

and I want all that wagging, bright eyed goodness

all over me as often as possible.


My pockets all have puppy treats in them

The weight of them is slight and I jiggle them

in my fingers as we walk the new walk down

the street in this new to you neighborhood.


Of smells and leaves and Spring greening

Of new sounds and the intense alertness that

you have of the world around you in the trot

and pride of ownership of this street.


We get to know each others ways and in the days

that come there will always be treats of praise and love

jiggling in my fingers in my pockets, as we

jaunt together smelling the good Earth.



Feeling very grateful..



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There is a wait still in the woods
Bare of leaf, naked to the wind’s whistle
The carpet of white chill feeding slow the earth
In the melt for Springs release of green

It’s in this wind’s whistle that the smell rises
A damp release from last season’s leafy loam exposed
Given to the Sun in the long linger of winter ending
Heating up roots and wakening the slow flow of life inside

If you stand silent in the listen of life’s resurrection
There is a tremble to the earth to this awakening
As if the roots laid deep in the dark make a stretch, a push
A spasm in the warming earth’s call to return

There is a fever in every Spring coming
The end of winter’s quietude, a heating up, a call to life
That hunger for Sun light, the melt, and the blessing of rain.
The want to be reborn, in the excite of Springs call to Summer

I can smell the soon of it in these waiting woods for green
On this wet path of melting snow, with the wind in my ears
Calling me to my own greening and coming to life.
Releasing Winter’s hold.


Day 3.. NaPoWriMo.

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Stewardship and a way to W’Holiness

Day #2…


There is no ownership with lives and life as we engage them
What lives in breath and light seeks our stewardship
Not the embrace of arms and minds that contract freedom
Restrict the essence of life unfolding as it will

In healthy boundaries laid in equal portion
We find the sweet pulse of hearts uniting
Of cellular memories reminding us of who we are
Of who we have always been when flesh and bone are nothing

More than the earth we mix with rain and sun
In the flourish of life everlasting beyond what is imagined
In the being here for this Earthly moment in a turning Galaxy
Of a landscape of Infinite proportion dancing in the star gaze

How do we own anything when we are already everything?
Stewarding our way for some goodness on this Earthly path
Inhaling each other as we pass in silence in a foreign moment
And you are inside me giving me life with out knowing you

I bow to you that gives me your air for my life in our recycling
There is no way to own you only to steward our journey together
Arms open, mind open, heart open for freedoms sake
In your essence I find mine and may we unfold

In this illusion together pure and W’holy as is the way of Spirit

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A Fools JUMP… a pantoum

Hello and welcome to day #1 of Poetry month.  The whole month of April is about poetry.  All my days are about poetry in some form or another.  For the next 29 days I will be writing a poem each day gathering my prompts this time around form the Tarot card archetypes.  As some of you know, I’ve done this many times before.  I love being pulled back into the process.  Here is a website for this experience should you be so inclined to want more.  My blog is among the many.

Also, I have a new blog that I am writing  in my local Crazy Wisdom Journal.  Here is that link…

Always love having feedback and comments.

morgan greer deck

Robin Wood deck

A Fools Pantoum.

There is no foolishness wasted
A fearless jump into life with eyes open
With a heart’s willingness to allow
Love is spacious in its giving

A fearless jump into life with eyes open
That first step off from the being told not to
Love is spacious in its giving
Not held to the restriction of limitations

That first step off from the being told not to
This was not a frivolous fool’s dare
Not held to the restriction of limitations
A magnificent surrender to the known unknown

This was not a frivolous Fool’s dare
Giving up everything to have everything
A magnificent surrender to the known unknown
Life’s jump does not make for reckless abandon

Giving up everything to have everything
The Fool has the Holy Grail filling and flowing always
Life’s jump does not make for reckless abandon
Love and life is fully embraced in the free fall

The Fool has the Holy Grail filling and flowing always
With a hearts willingness to allow
Love and life is fully embraced in the free fall
There is no foolishness wasted



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Something is coming your way…


This may be my longest lapse of time in writing here.  I have been writing.  I was invited to be the writer for my own blog in my local that has just become an online journal.  It’s to be launch this weekend and I have been busy working on what in the world I was gonna share so that I can be part of the launch.   There is lots to do to get it the way I imagine and dream it into being so that it fits with how Crazy Wisdom and I will work together.  It’s VERY exciting, and a great opportunity.   It will unfold and grow.


They asked me to write an inspiration blog once a week using my metaphysical insights and tools, i.e. Tarot card, Numerology, Elementals, Astrology, Palmistry.  I have studied these sciences for decades, teaching and using them as inspirations,  ways into experiencing and exploring a spiritual life, and most importantly, getting in touch with your wisdom that is connected to Divine Wisdom that is very self empowering.


Once they launch it all I will share that with you and you can take a look see.  I would be honored to have you read it and give me feedback, as well as see what Ann Arbors alternative community has to offer.

Actually, I would really appreciate if you have any ideas on what an inspirational blog might be for you using Tarot cards, Astrology, Numbers.  Would you like a little weekly tarot reading that asks question and the cards give possibilities?  Would you like to learn how to find your life/soul number and what that might mean?  What Inspires YOU?


It is still important to be here and to have my poetry.  Maybe not so often, I don’t know that yet.  Poetry is my big love.


Will you dance with me on the still moss

Naked feet feeling the earth green

Under a canopy of branches and leaves

Inhaling the day as it surrenders itself

to the brilliance of Summers call


There is forest everywhere in that imagining

Still steep in the Winter’s best shade of white

Ice and bitter cold yet to give way to a new season

with seed and root quivering below the surface

Who is more anxious for that sprout to push through


I think it me wanting it most in the shiver

of this freeze that grips the land in slow motion

because the move to fast lays it danger everywhere

There is a slip and fall waiting on that quiet ice

that knows no soft moss for the naked feet.


And only the skeleton of branches reach

for the blue sky that holds the lie of the Sun

With it blaze of light that holds no warmth

I’ll take that light over no light at all

Shivering till the green rises again because it will










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A hallow in the forest.

I was remembering a place I lived where five pines were set in the pattern of a pentagram, a star.  When I stood in the center of these woods, the center of this pentagram, I felt the awareness of some magic unspoken yet given without any asking.  Now, I let my imagination take me there in the honor of what remains and is yet to unfold.

white pine forest~~~~~~~

There’s a hallow in the woods

Of white pines and needles

Of sticky sap and cones

Made for quiet in the ritual

of how the nature of things

needs the sacred prayer inside and out


The way in is not made difficult

No treachery found on this path

Of this forest that shelters her creatures

Beneath the moss to the steepled branches

All hailed up to heaven in winged flight


Take in the inhale in the imagine of trees

Not all have the woods to retreat to

In the minds eye any Path can be made

To the vast anywhere, in the anytime of it.

Made sacred for the intent holy in the hallows


Be contemplative from the hearts call

In the meditative center of how green and sky

Bark and twig messages you to the center

In the ritual of how the nature of nature

needs your prayers inside and out for healing

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