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Poems in the coffee shop: Conspicuous pronouncements.

It’s bitter cold here, -20F.  Not that that has anything to do with these poems I’m sharing, I wanted you to know that.  

Anyway,  I was with my journal, passing into one of my favorite local coffee shops, Mighty Good, in Ann Arbor for about 20 minutes before work.    I ordered a ‘Dirty’ Chai latte, (dirty is always preferred, filthy dirty would be better) and sat in one of two empty tables in the center of the room that was for 8 people rather than one.  I did feel conspicuous. What’s new and …Oh well.

I let myself peruse the room, without staring, trying to be non-invasive;  It seemed the right thing to do, even though I wanted to do some staring and scrutinizing.  Everyone was being very invested into their computer, tapping and scrolling away, mostly ignoring the rest of life around them.  Most everyone was single and alone at a table.

Other than me, there was only one other person not on the computer, and he was writing music; tapping his pencil ever so lightly on the table. He was with his wife.  How did I know she was his wife?  She was actively chatting to someone on the phone declaring him as her husband for some kind of bill they were figuring out.   He, lifting his head, with affirmative nods while she spoke, still tapping some soft rythmn.

These poems are what rolled out of me in those 20 minutes of being conspicuous.

poem mighty good

Finding ease in the shiver

The freeze grabs at the inhales

Pulling up the inner heat

Exhaling a quick warmth

soon to crystalize

A mask of breath

a suspended pause

held to the minus

A blur to the distances

falling like a light snow


There’s no kidding

You never lost your

childhood flair

for knowing

It All.

Hard to believe

there is a limit

to All.

Perception has a way

of making the world

very small

I wonder if you

can even stand

in that little space

You call larger

than life.

Your life is so small.


I’m the only one of twenty

I’m not on my computer

I see him, writing music

composition of notes floating

in song across the paper

Music wins


The notes of life

Sharp and flat


You could change

your tune


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24th day… napowrimo  …A fun invitational prompt.  Well, it could be.  Making Anagrams of your name.  Go here…   It takes a minute to up load.  It gives you Allllll kinds of words to use for however you want to use them.  Obviously, this is for some poem I’m going to fall into here after I look to the 71,429 words found in my very long name.  So, I’m going to use my first, and sir name I was given at birth to hone this down a little.

Only 6,400 word.  Whew … that’s better.

Me  1956 pink dress blk n white


Be human

pen a menu

cue up a nuance

jab a chump

enhance a jump

emcee panache

un-numb a hum

pace a hump

Ace acumen

name a jam

cup up men

cape a bean heap

ape a chum

uncap a cube

bump a puma

cheapen menace

be a peach

Be Human

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day 19 of napowrimo… FAKE NEWPAPER AD.. really?

19th day NaPoWriMo


To toss some humor in a day that begins with the violent capture of one of the bombers of Boston, the Prompt today is to write an ad you might find in the news paper.  I’ve read some ‘big city’ want adds that make it hard for me to believe they are serious.  They  might go like this:  I have to say after writing some of these I could write a whole bunch of them.  I was kinda tame with them.  What crazy ad can you imagine writing?


Girl at corner of Vine

and Temple your

purple spiked hair

haunts me.  I need

to know you bad.

Freddy Kruger


Come hit me

hard and fast

love me big

you lil’ beeotch



Giggly, strap on

Top wants to poke

at you on Friday



Fatigued, lazy,

incredibly boring,

messy. and often

drooling seeking



Everything about me

is fake, over exaggerated

larger than life.  I’m

an honest lie waiting

to happen.

Make me really.


Handsome, poise

well dressed fella

seeking beautiful

blind woman.


Blind, toothless

with beautiful legs

and great hair

wants to gum you

to death.


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day 14 of NaPoWriMO…The invitational prompt today is to write a ‘Persona poem’.  That would be writing from another persons perspective.  Getting into their mind/body and making observations from their point of view.    For some reason, the first person that came up for me is a Grocery clerk; that check out person that notices everything that you buy, bags it up for you, sends you on your way.  In a small town that check-out person would see you frequently, maybe have conversation with you.  Maybe, notice an anomaly from your usual buying.



I tally and bag their party up

with potato chips, burger for the buns,

baked beans, and slaw for the

little army of fun in the backyard.

In the spread of mustard and ketchup

With a keg and a case of Coke

with plenty chatter, and remember

whens, and look how the kids have

grown, and lets get a game of golf in.


I tally and bag the busy up

with their frozen foods, and bottled

waters, the pre-made chill of a

life held to a race for this and that

and that and this as the time passes

in the head on freeze of nurturance

that forgets the smell of baked bread

and the words of a family at the

dinner table


I tally and bag her lonely up,

with old and single portions

with her Fred dead all these years

and the tins for the kitty

Words that cross and speak

in the up and down silence

in the passing of her time

and the White Zin to make the

night go deep in front of the TV.


I tally and bag the tins and frozen,

the fresh and lean.  The scrub and

the wash, the wine and the beer,

yesterday’s gossip, tonight’s dinner

tomorrows hope, with the bouquet for

the lover and the aspirin for hangover

In this town I know exactly where

I’d have my dinner.





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In Memorial… to Popzee, Jack Michie 1927-2013

13th day NaPoWriMo…  I think it no coincidence that my Popzee, transitioned the same day my brother did one year ago yesterday morning.



In Celebration Of Popzee

Our heads bumped like rams on a mountain top

The sound of us silenced by her want for us

to find our common

It was the common that brought our heads together

She made our ways familiar for the familial

celebration to bringing us down

from that mountain battle

in wraps of her love us tender

in the wide heart of giving


The bully of you pushed hard,

gave orders

laid down laws,

sorted your commands,

as you saw fit to make your way the way.

In a way that diverged from mine and ‘hers’

In the way that keeps the fear of losing

control of all that hard work

all that sacrifice.

When the bully put ‘that’ hat on in self

righteous intellect to make lesser of

a  poet’s heart in her art

of colourful finesse.


In sweet tender the burst of you in an

open heart,  with a lion’s roar you gave

love’s dedication to all

that made cherish to

what lived so grandly

within your old soul.

Generous in the giving,

quick to stand

for differences in the unique of life’s

quest to how the Grail gave it’s call to

those that wander and are never lost

for what wisdom is within

is the wisdom

of eternal life.


Our sameness made for all our differences

a magnified bellow of who would win.

For her, I laid my wretch down.

For her, I held my tongue.

For her, child of her womb,

I found my way to love you

in spite of your hard pushes

in the ‘right’ of your ways

on the path to love myself.

And on this mountain top

of battles long ago fought

I salute you on to your new life

in Heaven’s luminous light

In the everlasting knowing

that we will meet again.

I love you







Day 8.  Inspiration lags a bit today.  tracking through other’s poetry that I have found for inspiration or ‘just because’ they found me and I ‘followed’ them to their words, into their words, through their words.  There are a lot of us poets out there, doing just what it is I do here sharing with you in their own way.   Feel free to click to the right on some of their links.



I’m like everyday

rising and setting

being high in the sky

caught in the branches

a wisp of breath on a leaf

grass that needs mowing

a nest to be made

an acorn to be placed

a cloud to pass

wind to nip

rain to feed

mossy shelters

babbling brook


I am an everyday

of moody and hidden

places seen and unseen

a fork in the road

squirrelly chatter

arbutus in bloom

A wing pulled out

of cracked shell

called to flight

restless sea

a storm brewing

a womb ready

nebulous nights

a dance of northern lights


I am of all things

possibly impossible

in the happen of moments

in the rise and the set

of EArthly living

in the everyday

beyond celestial limits

of galaxies blooming

like spiral flowers

I am all of that

swirling brilliance

of infinity creation

in the everyday

here on Earth








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BAD BREATH… a valediction, day 7 napowrimo

Day 7 of NaPoWriMo… What I like about the prompts is that they  invite me past my comfort zone, some more than others.  Todays poetic invitation is to write a Valediction.    A valediction is a farewell, a good bye, maybe a see ya later, or don’t let the door slam your ass on your way out.  It can be sweet, longing, angry, grief ridden, funny.



I have breathed you in long enough

All that panting and ranting of your

exhales swarming out and around you

with no syncopation, no easy breezy

not even the beauty of a good storm

blowing in  off your lake to feed my land

lifting my pulse to a gasp of want.


I have breathed you in long enough

Your bellow, and quaint-less murmurs

Your halitosis of negativity oxygenates

our shared spaces and I’m beginning

to catch my breath, hold my breath,

in your toxic presence.


I have breathed you in long enough

And all I want is to step out into

windy, breezy, easy swirl of air

that lifts my hair, kisses my skin

fills my lungs with the freshness

of anything other than your breathing


I have breathed you in

and now I breathe you out

catching the first sweet wind

that will fill my sails to take

me to ever so far from you


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