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13 Nov. 2019


Lean into the lonely places

Lay down with the shadow dancers

Listen deep into the old stories

   of imaged truths poured from

   the vessel of many yesterdays


Dosed in the blood of lineages

Down the drain of old hopes

Dictates passed down in the all around

    making a depository of other’s

    dreams and imaged forecasts


Held in the spaces of unrequited

Hid in the in-between of longing and yearn

Hold on to the thin cord of relationship

    for memories seek safe harbor in the

    stripping away what was never yours


Shed what was not the gift of you

Single out the spacious self’s dream

Silence the busy minds need to know

   for there is knowing in the quiet voice

   of the heart waiting for your listening


Feast on the surrender of release

Find comfort in the lonely places

Free up the impose of other’s dreams

   as you feel the fullness of finding yourself

   unfolding perfectly as you are




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She Turns On Her Axis

Full Moon in Pisces.   Friday the 13th.

Good morning…I let this day rise in me with simply sitting here imaging the moon in Her Fullness, and me, being the conduit for whatever words she wishes me to write.  Unedited as she speaks through me.


She turns on her axis

Feet muddied in the long walk

With no destination she feels

the pivot in her breath

in her heart

in the ley lines of her soul

that call her to directions


In the upside down

In the inside out

In her all around


A digestion of spaciousness

A de-polarization of what human

  make of truths


She turns on her axis 



upside down ways

Looking at the Full Moon

Hanging above



She rests in this rotation

Calmed in the circle of


Filled by the voice of

a thousand unheard songs

pulsed to her heart

in the brilliance of


How Infinity opens her heart

to the full vastness

of every known and unknown

way Love remembers Herself

Nothing else ever mattered


The Moon licks away the mud

on her feet

Kisses her toes in reverence

Gently pushes the fulcrum

of her breath

In the sway of perfect Uni-scense 



cc  jeanne adwani

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Skookumchuck Narrows before the tide came in on a full moon night


SKOOKUMCHUCK NARROWS, BC.   2005  The tide came in.


I take the Narrow’s tempestuousness slit

My boat lost to a long ago of well being

The full moon calls the Sea to give rise to the tide

She pulls its out to bring it in

What comes  in greets what is going out

a violent swirl, a vortex of pull and funneled force

A ride like wild mustangs in a fevered run

Holding on as if life means everything

And everything means nothing

but to ride out the tide


I take the Narrows on this full moon night

For want to imagine this journey of all journeys

Will gather  me in under the luminous night orb

Drown me to make me wholy and awakened

to rise out of the depths of my ending

Washed clean. left naked, pulling in air

before my lungs explode in defeat

Dreaming of the gills that let me swim

before this time of living knew that limitation.


I took the Narrows to an ending

Finding the breath of a new beginning

Waiting for the next unfolding.


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day 21…



Return to Earth’s wisdom

Listen to the message she calls you to hear

With heart centered silence, wait

The roots of the trees know your every move


Abide gently on this surface

Take no more than what you can return

Be not a cancer that will extinct itself

Let the Spring wash you clean


Give prayer for all this abundance

Fill up on the gratitude of Earth’s offerings

Steward the place that you live and breath on

She evolves as you do


We are all connected

Not one small seed, or grain of sand

Is without the grace and presence

Of being here sharing this space with you


Return to Earth’s wisdom

Breath with the wind

Walk with the roots

Let the rain purify you

Lay in the grass and listen

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Haiku for these Days.

Wholy Grail.

Wholy Grail.

Make all your days Good

Each moment a resurrection

The Full moon rises

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Winter silence… haiku



Flakes fall soft in breeze

Slow to find a place to rest

Winter loves his chill


Winter loves his chill

Let’s the Sun give His deceit

Blue and gloom collide


Blue and gloom collide

Chasing each other in season

Sharing the same sky


Sharing the same sky

Winter needs his gloom and blue

Keeps to silent rest


Keeps to silent rest

Deep in Earth renewal waits

Flakes fall soft in breeze


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Sleepless on the Evolving Earth…. a pantoum

adams mouth hurrican2

Sleepless on the Evolving Earth…

The wind tore the trees to the roof battering the night

Sleep had no where to lay her pillow down

Hoping for The dream that leads The Way

Least the riot of elements tear the house down.

Sleep had no where to lay her pillow down

The raptured sky broken open in vivid statements

Least the riot of elements tear the house down

Full moon all hails what will soon wane again

The raptured sky broken open in vivid statements

The Earth calls all her elements for us to feel

Full moon all hails what will soon wane again

Awaking you to realize the evolution

The Earth calls all her elements for us to feel

Least you think she doesn’t know human happenings

Awaking you to realize the evolution

Think to catch your breath on the winds ascending

Least you Think she doesn’t know human happenings

Hoping for the dream that leads The Way

Think to catch your breath on the winds ascending

The wind tore the trees to the roof battering the night

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BE HAIR NOW.. haiku

Hi ya everyone.

I have been off writing this novel I started in 2007.  I like it and it called to me back again.  Novels are crazy things to write.  Getting the story out, and not over editing the first time around, going back, and editing it, getting rid of the lil’ darlin’s that really need to not be there.  Write the darn thing over again.

eTC..etc. ETC.  It’s an intense process and I admire the millions that have done.


My heart is still that of a poets.  I have missed being here letting the poet muse have me in the morning and take me where she wishes.  It is my way of refreshing and feeling the spirit of the moment have me and let me roll some words out here in the Now.

 hair as milky way

Hair as Milky Way

Spiral above as below

Infinity calls


Infinity calls

A swirl of third eye knowing

In Oneness we are


In Oneness we are

Many Milky Ways unit

Be Hair NOW


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Resting back in the Center of me.

Settling into my breath

Letting the wholeness fill me up

The Universe is unfolding



History makes her weaving ways into my present.

Suckles on my fears and weakness.

I have rocked this baby before.

I can’t drowned her, or smother her

I can’t shake the pictures out of her head


I remove her from her cradle of lies

I raise her to the Sun and Moon

in an ‘All Hail great Universe’

lay her on a bed of mossy green

under the bluest sky there ever is

and chant her stories of beauty and grace

of life that has no death and love that knows

no darkness in the forever after.


I let her suckle on the breath of love

In a world of kindness and joy

I sing her to sleep in the dream

scape of infinite possibilities of

great goodness made manifest.

I remind her that there is only Love

in the eternal Oneness of Spirit


She is her own spirit

on a human path

finding her moments






on The Dease lake rising


Glory be that full moon risin’

Beam of moon lay uncompromisin’

Across the Dease it stares me down

I let it fill me in the all around


I like to think it’s cosmic flow

Breaks open the heavens with all that glow

Rolls off the Dease pours into me

A mystic moment beyond what I see


It lights me up it lightens my heart

Takes away old tempest to renew and restart

What has gone, what has been, what is yet to be

In this moment this moon has a righteous hold on me


Glory be you full moon risin’

Lay all that beam uncompromisin’

Across my sea in the deep of night

Open me up to receive The Sight


Fill me up and then pour me out

Let what lights me up give no doubt

Cosmic flow me with all that bright

Make me a heaven light up my night





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