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This a summer of…

Wholy Grail.

Wholy Grail.

This is a summer of gathering

letting go, remembering,

moving, finding a new groove


This is summer of fear found

fear release, surrendering.

making space for new possibilities


This is a summer of edges

pushed, hanging on for dear life.

standing in the Center.


This is a summer of startled resistance

Deepening into the forever after of

when Oneness calls to the let it all go


This is a summer when angst

outgrew herself for peaceful resolution

On fresh pages freed for a new story


This is a summer when what needed 

to get together got to together in the 

seamless love given by others.


This is a summer of gratitudes fruition

When to give is to receive and to

receive fills the giving cup


This is a summer when the heart prism 

finds the clarity in the crystal

Catching all light in her opening


This is a summer still happening

in the calm of moments accepted 

In the trust of how the Infinite unfolds




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day 24..  napowrimo.

This poem comes from my Creativity Coach, Jill Badonsky.  She asked; “Where do your ideas come for writing.”  Somewhere in her dialogue she mentioned Dr. Seuss.  That’s where this all took me and now here it is.  Prompts are funny thing.

Feeling Seuss-ish



Sometimes it’s out the window that they come

Sometimes it comes from feeling gloom

Sometimes it comes because they come

There’s nothing really gloom in

the all around of all the fun


That font wants a way and place to romp

That font out my brain those words do jump

That font goes just as they want to clump

They dump and clump when I pull them

from that lump


Oh Goodness me how it all does flow

Oh goodness me when I let all those words go

Oh goodness me the words arrow from my bow

How so all those words go when I’m on

that wordy roll


So there’s wonder from whence it all comes

So there’s wonder in the fontin’ sum

So there’s wonder how the hell I gets it done

It’s done cause it must get done else die

with no fontin’ fun


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Love, A Full Moon, and Alchemy

A Full Moon and a Happy Love Fest day to you.  Really, let’s make everyday a Love Fest day.

The number for this day is ’14’ and for the numerology purists, it’s a ‘5’ day.  I’m holding to the ’14’ with the influence of that ‘5’ because as a Tarot Card enthusiast, I like to be able to include all the Major Arcana cards when they give their call to be heard.

’14’, in the Major Arcana of the Rider Waite deck  is called Temperance while some other decks call this card ‘Art’, ‘Alchemy’.  Whatever you choose, what I feel and know of this card, among the many stories that live in it, is that it is an invitation into the magic of mixing the unlikely with the impossible and making something amazing.  Finding out that what you didn’t think would work works or that what you thought might work doesn’t and you try again.  There is beauty and information in the creation of mistakes.  There is beauty and magic in the information of experimentation.

On this Full Moon, Valentines day, I invite you to open your heart and feel the flow of Love enter your day/week/life  to the possibility that what you thought/believe was impossible, really is an opportunity to mix it up and find the wonder and creative beauty in the unlikely.  Love may be right there waiting for you to notice.


full moon on the Dease

full moon on the Dease




Mix the unlikely in the pot of love

Let the impossible find the heart’s center

Give temper to the knelling in the heat of it

Passion calls and will you listen to the deep


Let the impossible find the heart’s center

There is not a time that love is not waiting for you

Passion calls and will you listen to the Deep

Fire and water will find their match


There is not a time that love is not waiting for you

All corners of the Universe seek Love’s light

Fire and water will find their match

Burn and flow with the improbable


All corners of the Universe seek Love’s light

Give temper to the knelling in the heat of it

Burn and flow with the improbable

Mix the unlikely in the pot of love.






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I’m gonna start today.

bodypaint grily1 chippin 2

I’m gonna start today

my body needs me to


Little steps. Little steps

Ease in just so and slow


Images of languid stretches

down to the Earth up to the heavens


A prayer, a meditation,

a gentle I forget to give myself


Re-story the limitations I gave

They give no goodness


Give back strength to this body

To thrive in wholeness


All of me needs to embrace

All of me


Give to the pain what it needs

Loving gentleness in movement


Move this old girl.

Stretch her out

make her strong again

I’m gonna start today.

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Spaciousness and being a birthday girl

Eegads… One more day, dang, less than 24hours, double dang, and I will embrace a new year of living on this planet.  Birthdays come ever so quickly as age settles in… don’t they?

I look in the mirror and see the me that I have become visually, with my shorter white hair coiffed in a tousle made in a semi-deliberate fashion, with the occasionally wisp of purple or pink or maybe blue in that tease of curl at my forehead.

Behind my ‘trendy’ framed glasses, my once vivid dark brown eyes have a soft cool halos of cloud circling them.   A wrinkle fest has slowly developed around those eyes that still hold a spark of clever in them.   I can see them and thank the Goddess for the wit that still flames out from them.


IMG_2765There’s flaws and spots that have found scattered permanence on my face.  I celebrate the wonder of a good foundation to soften and even my skin tone.

The lips have yet to have those vertical wrinkles typical of being over 60.  AND, When I lift those lips in a smile my best feature sparkles out.  My smile, it’s a good one.  A gift really.  Good teeth and a little something’ something’.  It has been complimented on by hundreds of people and I Am Grateful.  It holds itself proud and I like to share it often.

The days of the good horizontal now tend to embrace the pull of the vertical gravity.  Damn it.

Not too many horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, that’s good.

Dare I go just below the chin?  Damn it.  Shit.  Looky there will ya.  That’s where the nature of my face slides to.  It’s all I can do not to give a gobble gobble gobble and cluck to the way my flesh gives a prominent sag and jiggle. A droopy chunk of fat flesh… It’s all I can see when I have a bad day.  It’s all I can see and I want it gone.   And there it is.  It’s all I can see.

I’m not even going to go below my tits and say a word about that.  You don’t want to hear any of that.

With that said, I choose to not let gravity pull at my visuals endlessly, to drag my illusive stories about what is and isn’t in to being.  I get to choose the story I have about how I look, feel, experience my world.  I GET TO ChOOSE.  Thank God.  Really, cause to forget that I get to make up another story about it all would pull me into some dark hell, and leave me victim to all that negative  self-talk about my poor sagging ass and that frickin’ sorry looking flap of flesh below my chin.    That  Is NOt how my Truth seeks it’s Heaven.   Heck, I’m a story teller, let me make it a good one.

The best of me is in the unseen.  I like to think that’s where everyone’s best  is nestled.  The deeper self beyond the physical facade of our bodies that gives a certain surface story.   Never the full story.  A full story comes with getting to know me, you, anyone.  Beyond all the wrinkles, the belly rolls, the little fade of the eyes, the crimp of the flesh, the sag of the breast, the veins in the legs.  Beyond all that surface stuff that youth and age give tale to.

My best self tries to  embrace  the journey of life, in the predictability of how age takes it’s toll on the body.

Best to not worry about the next 20/30 years cause there’s the luck of having that much time let in the breathing.  No knowing that.

It’s Happy Birthday time and there is struggle in seeing that face in the mirror fading.  Turn that noise down so I can hear ‘My best self’ remind me I am ageless and perfect as I am.  I am the best of what I am right now.  I will forever in some way or another vibrate out there in the Infinite Universe with or without a body.  It’s what energy does; changes form.

It’s Happy Birthday to me and I’m good right now.  Full of gratitude for my family and friends, my work, my creativity.

I’ve decided the word for ‘my New Year’ is spaciousness.  Ridding myself of what doesn’t serve my life, inhibits my life, fills up too much of my life so there is Spaciousness in my breath, in my movement, in my inhabiting this body.    Big Breath… Exhale.  AGAin.

Spaciousness.  that’s what I will be about this year.








The end of New Year’s Resolutions in the BE HERE NOW…

winter morning, at The Dease

The New Year approaches, in the traditional sense, on this coming eve of 31 Dec. Contemplation of resolutions, imaginings of the coming year, hopes and dreams, shifts and changes, the maybe’s and the might bes;  Lots of pondering is given to how ‘Resolution’ might feel/look/be experienced in the coming year.

RE-Solution.  A solution that is started again.  The ‘re’ gives the word that invitation.  What wasn’t solved previously, might now be ’re’instated and given another try. Right?   Let’s resolve what might not have been stated right the first time.

RE-solve, consider how you might make a better solution for the coming year, or solve what might not have been solved these last days or months from the previous try.  Start all over again at the beginning of this year 2014, and see if a better solution might make for a better outcome this time, maybe solve what has yet to be solved.

I’m not big on ‘resolutions’.  Not for not wanting to have the stick-to-itiveness for every previous resolve I have put my intention toward no matter what time of year I made them.  NO, it’s what I do to myself when I fail.  Cause, at some point, for me, I fail.  I might not even fail very much, if I made the resolution around drinking more water every day, or something I’m likely to do every day anyway.  Nope, for me it’s those resolves that I declare nearly every day, forget just the beginning of the year: EAt right, exercise  more, slow down, find more patience, write everyday,  help save the planet, be the most wonderful person in the whole entire wide world.

I hit the ground running like a I’m gonna stick to the statements I feel resolute to, and I declared would be what I’m going to do for the year, Hell, for my whole life and sooner than later I get lax, “Oh not today”, or “ I’ll get to that later” or, “I’m sick of being patient for that shit”.  You get my drift here.   It’s all so set up for failure this New Year’s Resolution business.  Who started it anyway?  Why only at the New Year?

For those of you that either know me, or for those of you that have read my previous ramblings, you have probably noticed I have an obsession for the ‘Be Here NOw’.  So, resolutions are for sure destined to snare the Be here now right out of you.  All that projection of what will be in the future, all that ‘stuff’ you’re going to do starting in the next few days, that you’ve been NOT doing, or doing with little enthusiasm, and you Still feel the ‘ought, shoulda,’ continuums of failure to make them your new, self imposed habits.  Doomed.  You ARE pulled right out of the Now, busy worrying about what is to come in your new fervor to be resolute on some future something-or-other.

Why not make it easy on yourself and take it all moment to moment, in lil’ iddybitty steps?  What’s with the grandiose declarations that are doomed for failure that you are contemplating this very moment that I’m writing this rant?  What about right here, right NOw, you release all that imposition of resolutions and declare this year, a year of BE HERE NOW.  Free yourself up to make each moment what ever that moment offers.  Which isn’t to say that you don’t make plans, or you don’t initiate intentions, or you don’t let that creative, active mind of yours have a free for all.  NO, it simply means (IMO) that you let go of searching the past for what did or didn’t work, (that’s done) ease out of what the future might or might not be, (cause you really have NO frickin’ idea) and let the pleasure of settling into each moment with joy and innocent wisdom.  Drink from the cup of NOw and Be.  Breathe into this moment, and let what you know guide you.  Resolve some goodness in this very moment.  Join me in making each moment a good one, cause you can.  Tomorrow is a mystery, and a few moments ago is done.

In this moment.  I love.  I feel the gentle expanse of my heart for my family and loved ones.  I miss my dog.  The winter white and chill is glorious as the day rises.  I feel safe and warm, and loved.  My ‘NOw’ is an attitude and heart of letting in as much goodness as I can.  I get to choose how I embrace each moment. even if the moments have struggle and strife, even despair, I get to choose my emotional relationship to them.  Right now… mmmmm… love, coffee, and winter white at The Dease.

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make way for what thrills your soul



Make way for what thrills your soul

Cradling the chaos and fear like

a mother who loves her child

pouring out the love and light

when darkness makes way to threat

and the world collides her grief

in an ocean of extinction


Make way for what thrills your soul

when the fabric of life tears at the center

to bleed great loss and betrayal

puddling the sea at your feet

Treading the night looking for stars

in the great beyond that holds your light

waiting for you gather It All


Make way for what thrills your soul

for everything else is passing

and but a flash of yesterday

and not one true glimpse of tomorrow

Now holds the breath of you.

Inhale deep the air that we all breath

Be here now.


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Day 4 … The inhale loves her exhale

Day 4…. “I am thankful and honoring of this body that is a Miracle.”

emperor n hand 1

Catch the wind in trees

The exhale loves her inhale

Delight in breathing


Delight in breathing

Autumn gold be your inhale

Give away your breeze


Give away your breeze

Share in the breath of yourself

You are a miracle


You are a miracle

your inhale loves your exhale

United life-force

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Now varieties herself in Rainbows and disrupt

A cacophony of moments filtered by rise and fall

She fancy’s herself giving presence to the present

Of what Is in what ever matter matters.

She isn’t sly in that clever sideways way

Playing the fool-you game cause He can

Now is dressed up however you imagine her to be

He’s Halloween personified if that’s how you

breathe her in when you’re lost to yesterday or

tomorrow’s henchmen.

Now has no struggle, no worry living on each breath

Being with how it goes in the Way it is with out agenda

She’s the way to Peace when the sky is falling

She’s the way to and out of what was and is yet to come

Now  belongs to everyone and everything

He’s easy that way and makes no falter in his being

Here for you in the ‘No-matter-what’ cause she IS

Timeless, everything and nothing at all.

Yours for the taking in Her complete giving

With no denial only your fabrication.

NOw is all there is

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mom n' me

Dorothy’s path was the Sun

laid to meander the way to OZ

Furtive pauses and feral distractions

Life to death and a ruby resurrection


My feet are bare in the tap tap

Heel to heel silent laid to moon glow

Hugging the shadows preferring

The light of the Moon and the stars


I carry one of her gold bricks

For the love and luck of a mother’s gift

I chant it into rising to light my days

Till the moon calls me to another radiance


I’m already here in the magic land

There is no need to highlight the furtive and feral

In the false storytelling that breathe there

In truth I am a horse of a many different colours


And distraction is the way of this other fabricated land

Pleasure and sorrow handmaidens for experiment

And sometimes, sometimes, the pull takes to the forest

Off the Moon’s path from the Emerald City


If it were only poppies that took me to a deep sleep

If Only…till the heart awakens to the sky tears

And nighttime rises again in Full Moon splendor

And the Glory of heaven is illuminated before me.