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Feeling how life cracks my heart wide open

How tenderness from others ripples through my body

How the sharing of a loss is a rapid dive into empathy

How the shedding of tears perceived, rivers down my face


Taking it all in without making it all about me in the feelings

Empathy is like that in how it gathers from one heart to another

Holding sacred those moments of unexpected connection

Heart to heart weaving light between us in the allowance of


Showing ourselves in all our vulnerability naked

With no explanation, no need to know the why

It has always been known from the rawness of life

Exposed, Witnessed, fully seen in silent understanding


Jeanne adwani. @copyright

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1 Jan 2020… 6


In numerology, at least the way I do it, today, this first new day of 2020, is a 6. We start the year with a number that speaks to relationships not only with other, with yourself.
In the Tarot, 6/VI is the number of the Lovers. As I feel into this card, into this day, we begin this turn of the wheel with Love as our first breath, our first inhale. I let myself take that in, fill up on that breath and move Love through my body. I tap into the many things that give rise for me when I let Love wake my heart up, open it wide, let it call me to that place of devotion. I find I tear up a little, a little smile traces across my face, a loss pushes at my edges, all sorts of feelings and thoughts rise up, and there is also this expanded feeling all over and in me that gets my heart to pump a little faster. My entire body lights up, I feel a connection to my surrounds, a noticing of the light around me, and I feel Joy in the ability to have this moment. And what I also know, is I can call up this moment at any time I want, cause I just did, which means for me that it is ever available.
For me, Love is the One Truth, it is the place where we all can connect and feel the greatness, the magnificence of what it feels to Love with out expectation, or return, or anything other than the sublime pleasure of Loving.
Might you take a moment to feel/breathe into your heart and let someone, something, that fills you up with so much Love and tenderness, you can do nothing but succumb to it, can you let that in? Can you feel that pure, unabashed, uncensored Love. How does it move in you? Can you feel it without trying to stop it or let your busy mind run over it?
Maybe, it’s easy to fill up on unconditional Love, or maybe it feels hard, or scary, we all have issues on the topic of love. Whatever it might or might not be for you, it needs no analysis, cause that is brain stuff, not heart stuff. Love does not need analyzing, even tho’ that is one of our ‘go to’ processes cause most of us want to understand the Why, of just about everything. When I drop out of my busy little mind and breathe into my heart, let go of that need to know and understand, image how Love lights me up, I can feel it rather than think it. A whole new glow starts to radiate in me.


Make resolute the quest of an open heart
The ever present Wholy Grail within
Filling and pouring,
Filling and pouring
Filling and spilling

All through the blood red radiance of Being
Pumping in a syncopated melody of
A song never having been sung over and over
Pouring the joyous music of the heart
Like an out breath sigh of tenderness

From the Wholy Grail, the heart chalice
That only needs the quest of letting Love
Be on your every inhale and exhale
Always resting on the tip of your tongue
Plumping your lips for the sweet kiss

Breathing out into the air around you
Only Love



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Lay It ALL Down

12 Sept 2019

At first, I thought this a big ol’ rant as it rolled out of me onto paper.

And as I take in what I ‘lay down’ here, I felt all the truths that

came into my heart from letting it all out.  Sitting in the questions

of, “What will I lay down that gets in the way of my joy?  What will

I lay down that holds me ransom to a fear?  What will I lay down that

gives me space to include more joy and love?  What old shit keeps me

from my Sovereignty?


Lay it all down

In that this is a time of

the absence of reason


If what is unreasonable 

doesn’t move you to lay Down

your used up angry

emotions, thread bare, raw to the bone

in the vast abyss of reason-lessness,

unkindness, and startling

betrayals after betrayals

Then what is?


Widen your despair to include

that which gave you this despair

It lives in all hearts


Lay down your thought

that negative badgering makes

a difference.


Lay down your thoughts

that rages fixes anything


Lay down your closed heart

in the wound conjured up by

old war games against your soul


Lay down the ‘better than’ and

the righteous decent, the finger

pointing, the bad mouthing.


Lay down any wretched thoughts 

that provoke separation that places You

over Here and Them over There.


Lay down the thinking that 

your thoughts are Not powerful

because how you think expands

that energy force a thousand fold


Lay down the chains that bind 

you to hardness and resentment


Lay down what you accuse of others

as You are That too.

There in is the reflection.

There in Lives the Gift.


Widen your Joy

Widen your Love

Widen your Gratitude

Widen your heart

   to the inclusivity

   that you are that which you

   think of self and other


Take action on behalf of Love

Serve the Highest Good

Rise up to your Sovereignty



copyright.. jeanne adwani

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She came hard, harsh

An unexpected Storm

in a sea of discontent

on the waves of unaware.

In statements and betrayals

A tsunami of igniting

Emotions laid raw,

confused, vulnerable


She ripped the sails off the


Tore them to shreds with

verbs and adjectives.

Giving nouns to perspectives

In the way objectivity

breaks at the heart

taking on the personal.


She broke the mast nearly in half

held by the ropes in angry twists

and bitter, knotted, tongues

wagging words of Heart ache

and how could she, dare she.

All caught in the rage

of the collective Exhale,

A Dragon sentinel holds the entrance

with fire breath, and stomping tail

No one in or out within the

burning belly of the

Ship of relations.


Her storm left the Ship in wreck

Debris lay waste and wanting

Scattered sentences and words

strewn as far as the horizon.

Waves stumbled over dying nouns

Crashing out the last yearning utterances,

and carved in the sand with strained hope

“I love you no matter what.”

Ace of Cup.

Wholy Grail.







“…We are not the only experiment”    Buckminster Fuller

This poem is from a prompt that invited me to choose a random quote and take the last few words of it and make it my own.

Photo 13

We are not the only experiment.

We are The experiment torn from the heavens

of infinite possibilities to a finite moment

of existence in the experience of polar chaos.

Three dimensional duality reality

And it’s some other infinite Beings

reality show.


We are not the only experiment

laid to the Universal pertri-dish

of spinning galaxies in Milky Ways

of murky existence to see how humanoids

will get along in the radicalization of duality

In the dark and light of it all

In the rotational up and down and

all around of the Hokey Pokey

with all yourself in wether you wanted

in or out in this dance of Being-ness.


And it is all about the left and right

of you stepping into this Circle of Life

on this planet in it’s petri-dish we think is

floating out there in the vast somewhere

Not on that shelving unit that has no end

to it,  Of old men, agelessly ambling

down the corridor of infinite everything

eyeballing each piece of Infinity to

see if one of us can make this Earth

thing work.


Can we get along and survive?

Can we steward abundance ?

Can we Love unconditionally?


We ARE NOT the only experiment

In Infinity’s Infinite and we will find our

way Home sooner or later

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KINDNESS… a pantoum

There is no ponder to an act of kindness

Kindness comes as it will like breathing

It is the only pathway to peace and love

A lay down of all that holds us to fear and resistance


Kindness comes as it will like breathing

There is never a time it doesn’t caress the heart

A lay down of all that holds us to fear and resistance

Choices lead to consequences


There is never a time it doesn’t caress the heart

Fear stains the heart’s beat with certain death

Choices lead to consequences

Sequences, like bad habits need adjusting


Fear stains the heart’s beat with certain death

In your defenselessness your safety lies

Sequences, like bad habits need adjusting

How will you adjust to Kindness’s call?


In your defenselessness your safety lies

It is the only pathway to peace and love

How will you adjust to Kindness’s call?

There is no ponder to an act of kindness



Old Love’s visitation

day 25… napowrimo

Nudes with bow #@2

Shared history in a chemistry of long ago
Decades have passed mostly whispered by
With scattered temptations and other yearnings
In flash mob moments caught in an
exuberant push for remembering connection

There will always be this love undenied
The many long agos and far away
are the coloured threads that weave us
Worn in places still weaving anew.
In the rise of chemistry that stills lingers

Old love that joys the heart and laughs
In-spite of distances and other loves
Other lives, all tumbles together for
in the memorabilia of lives well lived
while still unfolding into the next

We meet like it was yesterday
In that familiar way of us
In essence still thriving
building our tomorrows
in this today in our goodbye.

till next time


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DAY 16 of napowrimo.



There is no maze he would not follow
The mystery holds all the dark hands
In the light of every heart laid on the table
It made no difference which rabbit to follow

The follow can’t be denied in the blood of
who he is in how it courses through his veins.
Alice knew in her leaving, the angles and corners
Of the twisted curl he took without her

Getting what holds him doesn’t make for staying
Even if in him she found that space in his heart
Where their blood converged and the coming
Together mazed them in all those angles and rhymes

A dreamy pattern of magic and wonder leading
Everywhere and anywhere in limited choices
To get to out from what brought them in
He controlled which fork to take in the left and right

He held her hand in the lead heart loving
Always on the labyrinth trail sure
She would lose herself if she let him go
When letting go was her through and out

It was a long weave alone without him
Without her the maze went down the dark rabbit hole
And the Queen of hearts made her deal
In the dark and the light of whatever the end

Alice found that the in was her out peering
Where the rabbit taunted the mazer down
And awakening from the dream was
How she found herself back to finding herself

He is big and small hoping to get through
the door that gives him the final way out

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The Bandit, ‘Boo’


All the joy of life races around the room

A white ball of fur in play grabbing

each moment with the newness of living

Drenched in curiosity


Lewis and Clark, and the famed Columbus

have no hold on this little explorer

Nose to every fleck of discovery

Tasting it like the ingestion will fill him up


Only to have every small thing fingered

out of his mouth before the swallow

It’s all his and he knows it even when it’s not

Stewarding his way to safety in the no matter what


The romp fatigues with a sudden flop

Gathering him in for a cuddle of love

Held to the sweetness of his baby’s breath

As it slows to sweet slumped snores


I take the responsibility on as a gift

Gratitude fills me up in puppy love

Forever changed by the welcomed journey

He’s a Bandit.  He stole my love

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Love, A Full Moon, and Alchemy

A Full Moon and a Happy Love Fest day to you.  Really, let’s make everyday a Love Fest day.

The number for this day is ’14’ and for the numerology purists, it’s a ‘5’ day.  I’m holding to the ’14’ with the influence of that ‘5’ because as a Tarot Card enthusiast, I like to be able to include all the Major Arcana cards when they give their call to be heard.

’14’, in the Major Arcana of the Rider Waite deck  is called Temperance while some other decks call this card ‘Art’, ‘Alchemy’.  Whatever you choose, what I feel and know of this card, among the many stories that live in it, is that it is an invitation into the magic of mixing the unlikely with the impossible and making something amazing.  Finding out that what you didn’t think would work works or that what you thought might work doesn’t and you try again.  There is beauty and information in the creation of mistakes.  There is beauty and magic in the information of experimentation.

On this Full Moon, Valentines day, I invite you to open your heart and feel the flow of Love enter your day/week/life  to the possibility that what you thought/believe was impossible, really is an opportunity to mix it up and find the wonder and creative beauty in the unlikely.  Love may be right there waiting for you to notice.


full moon on the Dease

full moon on the Dease




Mix the unlikely in the pot of love

Let the impossible find the heart’s center

Give temper to the knelling in the heat of it

Passion calls and will you listen to the deep


Let the impossible find the heart’s center

There is not a time that love is not waiting for you

Passion calls and will you listen to the Deep

Fire and water will find their match


There is not a time that love is not waiting for you

All corners of the Universe seek Love’s light

Fire and water will find their match

Burn and flow with the improbable


All corners of the Universe seek Love’s light

Give temper to the knelling in the heat of it

Burn and flow with the improbable

Mix the unlikely in the pot of love.






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