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A New Year’s Prayer




Make this not the End of a year

Rather invite each new day

A moment to raise up and

Sound out a new beginning.


These are the days and

You are the ONe.

Not a corner of the Universe

Is without a place to celebrate


Cozy your heart around

What gives you joy.

Be renewed in loves call

There are no wasted moments


Light knows her darkness

Kindness waits for you to notice her

Peace is in your breath

Love has never left you


Make this not the End of the Year

Make this the beginning of a moment

And another moment, and another

filled with the gratitude of love’s ease


Make no doubt that you are Loved

There is no ending to the everlasting


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The end of New Year’s Resolutions in the BE HERE NOW…

winter morning, at The Dease

The New Year approaches, in the traditional sense, on this coming eve of 31 Dec. Contemplation of resolutions, imaginings of the coming year, hopes and dreams, shifts and changes, the maybe’s and the might bes;  Lots of pondering is given to how ‘Resolution’ might feel/look/be experienced in the coming year.

RE-Solution.  A solution that is started again.  The ‘re’ gives the word that invitation.  What wasn’t solved previously, might now be ’re’instated and given another try. Right?   Let’s resolve what might not have been stated right the first time.

RE-solve, consider how you might make a better solution for the coming year, or solve what might not have been solved these last days or months from the previous try.  Start all over again at the beginning of this year 2014, and see if a better solution might make for a better outcome this time, maybe solve what has yet to be solved.

I’m not big on ‘resolutions’.  Not for not wanting to have the stick-to-itiveness for every previous resolve I have put my intention toward no matter what time of year I made them.  NO, it’s what I do to myself when I fail.  Cause, at some point, for me, I fail.  I might not even fail very much, if I made the resolution around drinking more water every day, or something I’m likely to do every day anyway.  Nope, for me it’s those resolves that I declare nearly every day, forget just the beginning of the year: EAt right, exercise  more, slow down, find more patience, write everyday,  help save the planet, be the most wonderful person in the whole entire wide world.

I hit the ground running like a I’m gonna stick to the statements I feel resolute to, and I declared would be what I’m going to do for the year, Hell, for my whole life and sooner than later I get lax, “Oh not today”, or “ I’ll get to that later” or, “I’m sick of being patient for that shit”.  You get my drift here.   It’s all so set up for failure this New Year’s Resolution business.  Who started it anyway?  Why only at the New Year?

For those of you that either know me, or for those of you that have read my previous ramblings, you have probably noticed I have an obsession for the ‘Be Here NOw’.  So, resolutions are for sure destined to snare the Be here now right out of you.  All that projection of what will be in the future, all that ‘stuff’ you’re going to do starting in the next few days, that you’ve been NOT doing, or doing with little enthusiasm, and you Still feel the ‘ought, shoulda,’ continuums of failure to make them your new, self imposed habits.  Doomed.  You ARE pulled right out of the Now, busy worrying about what is to come in your new fervor to be resolute on some future something-or-other.

Why not make it easy on yourself and take it all moment to moment, in lil’ iddybitty steps?  What’s with the grandiose declarations that are doomed for failure that you are contemplating this very moment that I’m writing this rant?  What about right here, right NOw, you release all that imposition of resolutions and declare this year, a year of BE HERE NOW.  Free yourself up to make each moment what ever that moment offers.  Which isn’t to say that you don’t make plans, or you don’t initiate intentions, or you don’t let that creative, active mind of yours have a free for all.  NO, it simply means (IMO) that you let go of searching the past for what did or didn’t work, (that’s done) ease out of what the future might or might not be, (cause you really have NO frickin’ idea) and let the pleasure of settling into each moment with joy and innocent wisdom.  Drink from the cup of NOw and Be.  Breathe into this moment, and let what you know guide you.  Resolve some goodness in this very moment.  Join me in making each moment a good one, cause you can.  Tomorrow is a mystery, and a few moments ago is done.

In this moment.  I love.  I feel the gentle expanse of my heart for my family and loved ones.  I miss my dog.  The winter white and chill is glorious as the day rises.  I feel safe and warm, and loved.  My ‘NOw’ is an attitude and heart of letting in as much goodness as I can.  I get to choose how I embrace each moment. even if the moments have struggle and strife, even despair, I get to choose my emotional relationship to them.  Right now… mmmmm… love, coffee, and winter white at The Dease.

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From the Pacific to the Great Lakes

jeannes little books 126

Serendipity finds the touch ancient familiar

Even in the not having made skin to skin

The familiar holds the magi’s stone vibrating

A long ago gives call to natures rising touch


There is no matter in how it goes or doesn’t

Way past that portal in the Awakening soul

There is a beyond yet seen by this mortal

For Earth’s call to life holds that mystery


And in the still of wondering of your vast Pacific

The shore that tides your here and now

The fresh lakes wrap around my mitten

Where the seasons beach upon my shores


Maybe touch will find us in the winter of our years

Or hold us up to the Light’s fantastic radiance

In the meet again of what we have always known

Holy is the wholeness or our wander here


Destiny lurks between our shores


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Into the Labyrinth


I walked the Labyrinth under

the blaze of the Arizona sun

Walked it in sacred ritual

Some of the ash of their bodies

I took and tapped them on my flesh

over my heart.  My loved Ones

I tap…tap.. tap their ash

Rubbed them in a clockwise circle


The mix of their ash and my flesh

all pale grey with small bits of bone

I push the chards hard in to feel

seeping into my skin,

seeping into my heart


Pinches of them in each turn

I give to the desert dry circle

like puffs of smoke caught

in the heat  of a frail breeze

carried north to heaven

in the mingle of desert and stone

A prayer to their return back to

where we all came from beyond the

biblical ash of some said Gensis

told for the story of Adam and Eve

So much more vast in the dark

heavenly light of Creation unfolding.


I give a prayer in each turn

in the sprinkle of the surety

of our meeting again in the forever

As souls will do in the Infinite

Limitless connection of Oneness

Remember now my love in the

everlasting when I recognize you

both again as we mingle in the




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mom n' me

Dorothy’s path was the Sun

laid to meander the way to OZ

Furtive pauses and feral distractions

Life to death and a ruby resurrection


My feet are bare in the tap tap

Heel to heel silent laid to moon glow

Hugging the shadows preferring

The light of the Moon and the stars


I carry one of her gold bricks

For the love and luck of a mother’s gift

I chant it into rising to light my days

Till the moon calls me to another radiance


I’m already here in the magic land

There is no need to highlight the furtive and feral

In the false storytelling that breathe there

In truth I am a horse of a many different colours


And distraction is the way of this other fabricated land

Pleasure and sorrow handmaidens for experiment

And sometimes, sometimes, the pull takes to the forest

Off the Moon’s path from the Emerald City


If it were only poppies that took me to a deep sleep

If Only…till the heart awakens to the sky tears

And nighttime rises again in Full Moon splendor

And the Glory of heaven is illuminated before me.




Wearing the rosy pink… A pantoum

If I breathe into the day, let it rise in me even if the Sun is hiding, I can imagine what ever I want.  I can replace any Imagery I fancy to make my inner vision respond to what I choose to feel.

It’s not about avoidance, it’s about when the overwhelm of it needs some calm, needs some Sun light gracing all those Autumn leave in joyful spice for my joy to have it’s moments.

NEW ART 2 002

I am the rosy pink of this morning’s sky

The precursor to the sun rising to greet the day

I hide behind the grey gloom wearing my pink sky

The Sun will burn away the gloom


The precursor to the Sun rising to greet the day

Blue sky and midnight stars find me

The Sun will burn away the gloom

And the black night will give sparkle


Blue sky and midnight stars find me

All unfolds and opens to the highest good

And the black night will give sparkle

In the morning to be wrapped in Sun rising


All unfolds and opens to the highest good

Making way for a lover’s tremble

In the morning to be wrapped in Sun light rising

Allowing in what is meant to heal


Making way for a lover’s tremble

I hide behind the grey gloom wearing my pink sky

Allowing in what is meant to heal

I am the rosy pink of the morning sky




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living in full spectrum











Life’s wheel keeps on turning with each breath

Whether you swim the  shallows or dive deep

Whether the Spring of you rises all green and chirpy

Or Winter lays his arctic blast all over your heart


Ache rises and falls in the depths of all seasons

It comes and goes in full spectrum panorama

with dark shadows and brilliant Sun light

all a matter of where you step your heart into


Move in and out of it, dive deep

linger on the surface, let the ache tremble

sobs through all the loss still yearning

while the turning Circle brings you up again


And the ’til dust’ finds it way back home

To the everlasting way beyond here and now

Even in the rise and fall of all the ache

Living is in having it all full spectrum







finding joy beyond the ache






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