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The Bandit, ‘Boo’


All the joy of life races around the room

A white ball of fur in play grabbing

each moment with the newness of living

Drenched in curiosity


Lewis and Clark, and the famed Columbus

have no hold on this little explorer

Nose to every fleck of discovery

Tasting it like the ingestion will fill him up


Only to have every small thing fingered

out of his mouth before the swallow

It’s all his and he knows it even when it’s not

Stewarding his way to safety in the no matter what


The romp fatigues with a sudden flop

Gathering him in for a cuddle of love

Held to the sweetness of his baby’s breath

As it slows to sweet slumped snores


I take the responsibility on as a gift

Gratitude fills me up in puppy love

Forever changed by the welcomed journey

He’s a Bandit.  He stole my love

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‘AS above, SO below’… Winter’s infinity


Winter has a hold, a grip of freeze and white

against the bare of trees and twigs in this

season of strength and naked vulnerability.

It’s said that there is no snowflake like another.

Catching them on my tongue, eyes shut in

the imagining of this in the melt and the swallow.

Looking out to the inches of individuality.

Perfect little crystalline star shapes uniquely

layered upon layer like an infinite white cosmos.

Reflecting the story of the midnight storm of galaxies in

their slow spiral swirl like snowflakes in the vast

Great Beyond around us, in the impossible

comprehension that not one of those little perfect

crystals have an identical twin anywhere in Universe.

It is in this moment of knowing how the force of Creation

gives to our Earthly living this season of layered silence

and frigid patiences, in the slow shuffle and shovel through

this freezing austerity made beautiful by millions and

millions and millions of perfect crystal stars frozen

falling and falling from winters’ shifting clouds

that there is the reminder of  ‘as above, so below’

of the perfect snow and the perfect incomprehensible idea

of infinity


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A hallow in the forest.

I was remembering a place I lived where five pines were set in the pattern of a pentagram, a star.  When I stood in the center of these woods, the center of this pentagram, I felt the awareness of some magic unspoken yet given without any asking.  Now, I let my imagination take me there in the honor of what remains and is yet to unfold.

white pine forest~~~~~~~

There’s a hallow in the woods

Of white pines and needles

Of sticky sap and cones

Made for quiet in the ritual

of how the nature of things

needs the sacred prayer inside and out


The way in is not made difficult

No treachery found on this path

Of this forest that shelters her creatures

Beneath the moss to the steepled branches

All hailed up to heaven in winged flight


Take in the inhale in the imagine of trees

Not all have the woods to retreat to

In the minds eye any Path can be made

To the vast anywhere, in the anytime of it.

Made sacred for the intent holy in the hallows


Be contemplative from the hearts call

In the meditative center of how green and sky

Bark and twig messages you to the center

In the ritual of how the nature of nature

needs your prayers inside and out for healing

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Winter Wants The Mitten

More snow.  More cold.  More snow.  More cold.




Winter wants the Mitten

The Lower grabs the Upper

Pulls the weight of white starflakes

In perfect form down heavy to palm


The best to do is to roll to the center

A tight ball of the white chill

Fight it all out till the end

Lay your angel down in


Extended sweeps of arms

And legs, prostrate to the heavens

Better to pray for world peace

Than the hope of Winter’s end


There’s more than any of us need

In the slip and slide to where you

Want to go if you can get there

In the silence of the black and white


Winter wants the Mitten hard

Like I said.  best to roll to the center

Lay your angel down and pray

for Spring



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Winter pulls me into his cold arms

Rocks me down to my roots

Where the sap of me slows

And slows some more in the freeze

into a still quiet place moving


Sustainability holds to the early harvest

When Winter finds no green

Loving the austerity of blank and bare

Naked to the lie the Sun tells in this season


The need to tend to a warm light

comes from the inside out in this

Winter’s cradle of bitter chill

In the rocking back and forth


A slow sway to shimmer the glow

While Winter has his season

And the best is to have gathered enough

food and light to make it through




18/01/2014 · 9:13 am

Winter silence… haiku



Flakes fall soft in breeze

Slow to find a place to rest

Winter loves his chill


Winter loves his chill

Let’s the Sun give His deceit

Blue and gloom collide


Blue and gloom collide

Chasing each other in season

Sharing the same sky


Sharing the same sky

Winter needs his gloom and blue

Keeps to silent rest


Keeps to silent rest

Deep in Earth renewal waits

Flakes fall soft in breeze


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a leaf


I want to do that.  I do.  Lay words down like a slow drift of a leaf caught by the babble of a creek over stones and branches.   Wisped along soft and quiet like, within the profundity of its nature moment, freed from what bound it to the branch.

The play of shadow and light flicking under the vast blue between the stretch of bark and branch reaching for the Sun’s grace.  Of all that dancing glitter of light greeting the leaf in her flow now that she if free.  Lilting on the surface, going along in the forever away from what held her till the season changed.

It doesn’t matter a destination in this flow down stream hailing rocks, twigs, insects, moss, and roots. A snare will give capture.  It’s what happens.

There’s no consideration of that .  Not now.  Why would there be when the drift on the surface holds such pleasures in the sunlight flicker, passing a wave of goodbye to float along to no-where-in-particular cause it is the nature of this moment.


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