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PRINCE… a tribute


Thousand of tributes praise your name

We gather to shed our Purple Rain

The Guitars round the world Gently Weep

While we like Thieves in a Temple mourn your death sleep


You Got The Look we all chased after to see

You HardRocklover your destiny to be

If I Was Your Girlfriend, known you a bit

In that Little Red Corvette next to you I would sit


Do Me Baby, get us all Soft and Wet.

You Princed around us and we hungered to get

A piece of your grandeur, FallinLove2nite

You Got the Look that gave us your great musical Light


What is too soon to go? What is the right time to leave?

You leave us with much joy and loss makes us grieve.

It’s not like I knew you, It’s not like we made touch

There is something about ‘heros’ that matter so much


I’m not hanging on your shirt tail, better that frilly shirt

I be part of the millions of fans that shutter with mirth

Thanks for your music, thanks for your visual gifts

Thanks for being the hero  we all  needed to make you a great myth


I give no goodbye, see you later La Petit Prince

I’ll sing along with your music, I’ll be sure to dance


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I give myself to the music, I am the music


Ludovico Einaudi, Pianist.


I give myself to the music
The tenderness fills me
rolls in caress over my body
I yearn for the home of it
with windows wide open
and the standing pine caught
to the breeze filling my inhale
Wide is the blue with the fluff
of scattered clouds that look like
starships calling me home

I didn’t want to let it give me tears
With the sprinkle of the spring rain
that can not be held back to nurture
the land finding my flower nearly ready
How many times I have bloomed in
these decades of living from tears laid
to my fertile land or when life opens
and pours down on me with such giving.
Of wishes and wants, desires, and magic
filled and not ever unfull-filling
no matter the harmony the keys tap
to this life giving rhythm

I give myself to the music to be the music
I am the dancing fingers to the ivory,
the taunt sing of the strings
the drummers heart beat
the pelt of rain on the roof
the blow of the horn in the fog
the string of bells caught to wind
the crack and split of the clouds pouring
I am the choir, the orchestra, the soloist
I give myself to the music
I am the music

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WATERHILL, music to live by


kath Roos



Water Hills flow in to the city of trees

We are a river of music on this Spring day breeze

We are the flood of joy in the dance

We are the Brook that babbles

We are the Fountain over flowing

We are Spring’s song made to fables


We are the Cherry on the cake

We Gott  all the music it takes

We are on the streets where you live.

We are the drummers, the flutes,

We are the  song, and the dance

and oooo how we sway, shimmy and prance


Water Hill comes in four hours it’s gone

Still in my body I feel the joy and the songs

In this city of trees where sweet waters flow

In this neighborhood of friends,

In this neighborhood we all flowed

An Ocean of pleasure on this sea did we rock and roll.




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