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In Salutation

me n' my shadow

me n’ my shadow

In salutation

An all hail wide open

A colourful unfolding to

the the wake up call, breathing

Being licked by the sun

and breeze.

Shivering to the gather

of grey soon to come


In salutation

An all hail wide open

to the moist refresh

toes tickle naked

on wet grass dancing

The body heaves a welcome


In salutation

An all hail wide open

So wide the earth pivots

a pirouette in polar shift

Of Northern to Southern

exposure calling in east and west

And you breathing It all in

like that first startle of wonder

When the myth of life tagged you


In salutation

In an all hail wide open

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Sleep withholds.

She finds ways to deny dreams

She finds ways to bury light

Sleep tosses and turns

Her rosy breath shares the dragon’s fire.

Paired to remind of her volatility

Her fickle nature revealed.

Her power of dark and light

There is no forgetting her enchantment

Her etherial veil of soft comfort

The way she lays fairy dust on the eyelids

for magic to dance under the moon.

Oh how the dreams she gives stir to

A life yearning for mystery

A life hidden in daylight

in those uninhibited visions

Of ecstasy and horror shuttering

in the deep subconscious sweat of dreams

welcomed and unwelcomed

as She pulls you in and down

In and down in a story hungry

for understanding lost to waking.

And then she withholds

Giving no rest, no slumber

No gentle thought to mind and body

in the toss and turn of those rumpled 

sheets and sweaty pillows

night after night after night

You beg her to come and swallow you

to come and ease the daily grind

behind the closed eyes and prone body

you try to tease her into you.

Tease her back into the magic only she knows

in the willingness to give every inch of self

to the night’s death for replenishment

You die to her and she withholds.

Oh sweet Sleep dance me under the moonlight.

COPYRIGHT, jeanne adwani

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Life’s Weather … Haiku

Wisconsin sky

Winter’s best gave birth

Bound to white and freeze a wail

Sun makes for glitter


Sun makes for glitter

Youth storms and calms joyously

Many paths Spring green


Many paths Spring Green

Life lust wanders earth’s mystery

Be Here Now Be here


Be Here Now Be here

A landscape lush and fertile

Outer seeks inner


Outer seeks inner

Green gives of her abundance

Magic gives to blooms


Magic gives to blooms

Starry nights take the Sunlight

Autumn carpet ride


Autumn carpet ride

Green embraces her spicy

Breath takes in the shift


Breath takes in the shift

Edges of Winter slow to rest

Silence whispers yes






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I give myself to the music, I am the music


Ludovico Einaudi, Pianist.


I give myself to the music
The tenderness fills me
rolls in caress over my body
I yearn for the home of it
with windows wide open
and the standing pine caught
to the breeze filling my inhale
Wide is the blue with the fluff
of scattered clouds that look like
starships calling me home

I didn’t want to let it give me tears
With the sprinkle of the spring rain
that can not be held back to nurture
the land finding my flower nearly ready
How many times I have bloomed in
these decades of living from tears laid
to my fertile land or when life opens
and pours down on me with such giving.
Of wishes and wants, desires, and magic
filled and not ever unfull-filling
no matter the harmony the keys tap
to this life giving rhythm

I give myself to the music to be the music
I am the dancing fingers to the ivory,
the taunt sing of the strings
the drummers heart beat
the pelt of rain on the roof
the blow of the horn in the fog
the string of bells caught to wind
the crack and split of the clouds pouring
I am the choir, the orchestra, the soloist
I give myself to the music
I am the music

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The Wholy Grail of Wellness

day 29…NapoWriMo

Wholy Grail.

art by.. Georgina-Gibson

Too quick to critique what didn’t happen

To what found it’s way in words here

Out in the minutes given for possibilities

In being exactly enough in that hard rough

voice that thinks it knows so well


The well that feels the dis-ease of not enough

Not so well in the being of that harsh critic

Oh well is that deep hole in the ground

tossing the bucket down on a thin string

to the water unseen from up here


The splash feels good as it vibrates up

the string in hands that wants to hold the drink

to pour it in the parched mouth filling up

in this desert made of old history and lies

on a string that can hardly hold the weight


In the pull up slowly of that water’s oasis

Cool and pure  for the taking and filling

Such a long time in that arid desert

On a quest for that Wholy Holy Grail

with that thin string that holds the gift

Stronger made of will and an open heart


Surrendering up what didn’t happen to

Embrace what did in the long deep drink

From the search to that Well of Wholeness

When the entire world becomes an oasis

And just now you made that discovery








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Haiku Thursday

day 10.. naPoWrimo


Haiku Thursday.

In the tidal wave
No trouble in these waters
Going with the flow

Going with the flow
Bodies of water converge
Deeper is the dive

Deeper is the dive
This ocean of feeling raw
The heart bursts open

The heart bursts open
Filling and flowing in love
In the tidal wave

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Stewardship and a way to W’Holiness

Day #2…


There is no ownership with lives and life as we engage them
What lives in breath and light seeks our stewardship
Not the embrace of arms and minds that contract freedom
Restrict the essence of life unfolding as it will

In healthy boundaries laid in equal portion
We find the sweet pulse of hearts uniting
Of cellular memories reminding us of who we are
Of who we have always been when flesh and bone are nothing

More than the earth we mix with rain and sun
In the flourish of life everlasting beyond what is imagined
In the being here for this Earthly moment in a turning Galaxy
Of a landscape of Infinite proportion dancing in the star gaze

How do we own anything when we are already everything?
Stewarding our way for some goodness on this Earthly path
Inhaling each other as we pass in silence in a foreign moment
And you are inside me giving me life with out knowing you

I bow to you that gives me your air for my life in our recycling
There is no way to own you only to steward our journey together
Arms open, mind open, heart open for freedoms sake
In your essence I find mine and may we unfold

In this illusion together pure and W’holy as is the way of Spirit

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