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Crystalline Bubbles in the Deep Freeze


IMG_3474The Winter Polar Vortex of Freezing bitter cold lays itself all over this land.  -35F.  The Sun rises in his betrayal happy to greet the day.  It is a betrayal I welcome for the blue that takes away the stark gloom of the blizzard.  The oxymoron of a frigid, Sunny day is this seasons delight.  The austerity is part of the ritual pattern.  I wanted to be creative since I had decided that I was going NO where in this brutal cold.  It was hard to know the length of the hold this freeze would have so this is what I did;

I made a soapy sauce for making bubbles to blow in this deep freeze, from dish soap, water, and a Tbl of maple syrup.   I made a  ‘wand’ from a two cheap bracelets found at World Market that I bent and plied together.  I wanted to see if the bubbles would crystalize when they hit the Arctic air.   I saw this process on FaceBook. Yes, FaceBook.  So many wonders and horrors can be found there.

It was irresistible.   I had to do it.  I have many pictures taken from my IPhone of the results of my Bubble making experience, going out in the frigid and trying to be quick to blow the bubble before it froze in the wand.  I had varied success.  Some of my photos are beautiful.  Really spectacular.  I could write a poem about all of them.  Maybe I will.  What a little book it would make.

I have shared a couple of these photos with you.  They are as they were photographed. I am amazed at the magic of them.  Please feel free to share them.  ANd… I invite you to try it yourself.


Bubble Haiku

From hot breath blows cold

Crystalline orbs float freely

Bubbles greet the freeze



Morning Season Report….a haibun



So still out there this morning.  A very faint breeze lifts the wet leaves.  There is the distant sound of crickets with that pulsing hum. A cicada gives a long buzz while it readies itself to split open and be free of it’s old self. A squirrel races across the roof with surprising pounding, like it’s a fat raccoon on the lam.  I sip my hot black brew… pondering.

I let nature find my nature.  Imagining the light breeze lifting my wet laden leaves from the drama of last night thunder and lighting, with the pour of the sky beating my land.  Glad for the feed and not so much for the corresponding deluge that makes for exhaustion.The calm is restful as the day wakes up and I with it.  That whole calm before and after the storm that I can shift into, breathe into.

The last day of August.  I can smell the season change ever so slightly.  Autumn is on the edge of us, ready for the harvest bounty to rise and fall back to the Earth for her winter keeping.  I’m in no hurry for all that.  Fall is my favorite time of the year, with all that colour and musk of the land filling me up.  I welcome it; always wanting it to last longer.

Some deaths move fast, some linger on in the letting go.  I wonder with that said will I linger with the vibrant colour of living, or will I let my Autumn lay me beneath a thick layer of leaf and pine, to Winter quickly.  There is that unknown.

Sunlight is just kissing the tips of the leaves in that golden glow of magic.  A hundred stomping squirrels make my roof an amusement park.  A crow gives it’s warning.  The day calls in it’s unexpected possibilities.  I let the coffee do it’s magic even in my very slow rising.


Leaves kissed by the Sun

Whisper of morning breezes

Summer calls to Fall


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when the storm comes


How hard it rains outside from the clouds

split wide open

The gutted sky spills the torrent of storm

no longer containable

No quiet in the thunder with all those jags

of brilliance

Making hard shadows in the corners

of hopeful shelter


How hard is it on the inside waiting to let go

for the split to come

Gutting old yesterdays to spill out from

the shadows

When the thunder must come in the brilliant

jags of Light

And the hard shadows soften and there is

no more hiding


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