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The Day Got Away From Me

Playing in the napowrimo prompt that is a Phrase.  Day 10.


There goes the Day.

The day got away from me

Not Like I had some kinda hold on it

Or the twenty four hours of it

were unattended to


It got filled up with a multiple  

of things to do and say, 

to be lived in the schedule of 

To be lived in the dis-order of 


The day got away from me

And in the NaPoWriMoing

(A new verb that needed making)

Morning poem-ing is now at 9:30 pm


Not 8am in the bright morning

All fresh and ready to lay some

Words down cause that’s 

The Inspired time


The day got away from me

and inspiration has dropped low

pushing out this poem

with eyes ready to close


No surprises in the ramble

Here with you reading

And thank you very much

The day just got away from me


cc jeanne Adwani

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This is from a prompt I was invited to do via my Creativity Coach teacher, Jill Badonsky.

We were to pick a quote from this website that gathers many quotes, and select the last five or so words at the end of the quote.

Steven and I may not agree on how to come to ‘a blank page’, and then again, is there really a wrong way?    How might you come to a ‘blank page’?SHadow on Dunes, California

“you must not come lightly to the blank page.”  Steven King


Come lightly to the blank page

Take in the sense of emptiness

The thrill of possibilities.

The taste of what wonder is on the tip

of your pen, waiting.


Come lightly to the blank page

Give quiet pause to the hungry story

That yearns for the telling.

Tease it like you would a lover

Feeling passion’s aching


Come lightly to the blank page

Let the bright light of empty spaciousness

Find that sacred resurrection.

Lay down one word at time

Make generous your heart’s longing


Come lightly to the blank page


copy rights… jeanne adwani

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Yes against all Odds

Heart hand n mouth

A futile No rises to all that is Yes

When the battered down starves

The slow climb back to the good self


Such thirst for that dried cracked tongue

That has let silence erode life’s sweetness

Drained the landscape of the self, desert dry


If only the clouds could burst from

Eyes that lost their tears long ago

Despair took all the wet hope of Yes away


The river is not that far of a crawl

Let that last stir of Yes stand you tall

And run naked from the barren hostile


Of your doubt and terror that holds you

Hostage, make the relent a heart’s truth

Lay your Yes against fear’s hard No


Rises to the Yes that has always marked

The Champions highest quest

To the Grail that’s never been


Further away than right here

Close to the soul’s truth and

The promise of every moment

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