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In the grey sky, tinged with morning pink
Vulnerable are the trees in silhouette
Naked against Winter’s austerity
Leafless against the bitter cold

Roots buried deep in the frozen earth
The life blood slowed in the quietude
Staunch in the willingness to wait
For the tilt of the Earth to call to Spring

Humans know none of this at their root
Such vulnerability to Winter’s quest
For silence and the slow beat of living
Wrapped in layers of cotton and wool

Skin is not like bark to a tree
No leaves for us to lose in wait to return
Nor does our root bury itself deep
No such attachment to one place

We are of stars and wander-lust
Held to gravity and ancient stories
Held to search for what settles our root
To this short stay on this blue marble

That for today, awakens to a grey sky
With a tinge of pink in sunrise
As this season of bitter cold cycles
in the reminder of vulnerable silence

by    jeanne adwani


Just riding 
by the cornfields
Seven crows 
in a silver tree

A.M. Salt

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writing for 45 minutes, 4 Feb 2015 A GIANT RAMBLe AbOuT aging.



This is a bleary picture of me at my 67th birthday.  Bleary is good.  LOL.

Ok… here it goes.  this is what happens in 45 minutes when I sit to write.  little if no editing.


There is an age you reach where the thought of how many years you have left to live is something you decided you’re not going to consider.  There isn’t half as much left anymore.  Maybe not even a third as much.

Middle age has passed, even the “new middle age” has passed.  ( Who determined that anyway?) and the hope for a new middle age, if we live to 150, is unlikely.

How many years have ya left  if you’re over 60 and counting?  That’s right people over 60, not so many.  AND, it’s a good idea to get good with that, and not calculate to often out into the not-so-far decade away or so, cause that can roll you over on your back like bad dog and make you feel all kinds of vulnerable.

And, how about how time is going REALLY fast.  Wasn’t it just Christmas last week?  Is it only 6 weeks till Spring? Thank God for that.  It will be Spring tomorrow and you’ll wonder, “Didn’t winter fly by?”

I’m a Hairdresser/Artist. I look in a mirror all day long at you and me, watching myself and you age.  And… I’m going to work till my hands can’t move and I’m cutting myself more than your hair.  I know that sounds scary and grim.  And we both know that’s not gonna happen like that, right?

And, how can I imagine retirement?  I am not one that has embraced the journey of retirement in those traditional ways: saving, gathering, etc. etc.  I live to the full extent of my existence in the moment; saving little and celebrating  life moments as they present themselves.  Really, it’s all a gamble, and I have been called to the gamble of BE HERE NOW. (Thanks Ram Das)

When I get off the train of ‘Now’, a little bit of terror creeps in.  I hate terror.  Who likes it?  NO One.  That terror involves questions and sentences like this running through my head…

“What are you thinking? You have no retirement, no real extra cash, no children to buffer you, (I never wanted children, so that one isn’t really relevant).   You live by the seat of your pants and you’re getting old.  Your knees hurt, you got stuff that you can’t identify that comes and goes.  WHAT the fuck are you thinking you old geezer girl?  You’re gonna have to just drop dead one of these days and hope it doesn’t hurt too much and there is no lingering.  And that no one will have to coddle and fawn all over your dying pathetic body for too damn long.”

I let myself have these’s projections.  They happen more than I like to have them happen.  Then I look around as all that I have that I am grateful for, and let those pleasures and joys fill me up and push away the fear.  Future stuff has yet to happen and why linger there?  I have no idea.  Do YOU?  What good is it to fall prey to what we thing is going to happen as opposed to what is happening right now?  How can we make that good? WE have the power to change our attitude right now.

None of us get outta here alive in the physical sense of things for sure.  My spiritual path says I am an Infinite Being and Love is all there is. (Me and the Beatles are tight)   With that said, I’m having some trouble with this aging thing.  I do not wish to linger in the negative zones of that ‘thing’ as it creeps in to smother my good humor and well being.

Don’t think for one minute I am above having a good ol’ face lift.  It’s a respectable thing to do.  And we have the science and the Way to get looking younger, like how we feel inside.  I feel 30.  I do!  How about you?  And that face in my mirror is not a face of a 30 year old. NO it isn’t.  Graceful.  Nice one.  Gracefully aging.  I’m trying.  I am, I mean it.  And if I had the money to spare, I’d get a little nip n’ tuck.  I hope you still honor and respect me for these wants of mine.

My 45 minutes is almost up.  Thanks for listening.  You are kind.  Now you know a little more about me and how getting old sucks on some levels and is wondrous on others.

Here are the wonders.

I know a lot of shit.  And I have lots of wisdom

I’m still highly creative

I believe in magic.  I always have

I love my friends and family

I know I am loved deeply.

I am still learning things everyday

I love life

I think the Seasons are glorious even when I complain of too cold or too hot

The Earth is magical

I am a Mystery unfolding

I love feeling 30 inside this 67 year old body.

There is fabulousness in living in the moment.

I close with giving you a Haiku


Bringing in my Breath

Wonder and magic fills me

Dancing on the edge




I Am Convinced.

day 27… napowrimo



I am convinced we are all like trees and grass
Sky and Sun, Moon and stars, rain and snow
Growing strong and burying our roots deep
Rising to greet the sun in a verdancy of excitement
Dreaming dreams in the vast blue beyond the
Midnight infinite sparkle and super nova
Cycling like the moon in the moody pattern
that keeps calling us to let our seasons winter
And summer, spring and fall, in their rest,
in their exuberance, their spice, their budding.
Do we not know all this birthing, living, and dying?
Re-birthing like the trees and grass, the sky and sun,
The moon and stars, in the rain and snow.
Rotating around in a Milky Way of togetherness
Never ceasing, alway cycling, leaving patterns,
re-creating, re-storing, giving back, taking away
In the ever after, ever more of me and you and us
Doing the same thing, here, there, far away and near
Rooting, budding, greening, living, flowering, dying
In the back to the earth it all goes and we start all
over again, and again, and again
What will convince you that you are One with All this?


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There is a wait still in the woods
Bare of leaf, naked to the wind’s whistle
The carpet of white chill feeding slow the earth
In the melt for Springs release of green

It’s in this wind’s whistle that the smell rises
A damp release from last season’s leafy loam exposed
Given to the Sun in the long linger of winter ending
Heating up roots and wakening the slow flow of life inside

If you stand silent in the listen of life’s resurrection
There is a tremble to the earth to this awakening
As if the roots laid deep in the dark make a stretch, a push
A spasm in the warming earth’s call to return

There is a fever in every Spring coming
The end of winter’s quietude, a heating up, a call to life
That hunger for Sun light, the melt, and the blessing of rain.
The want to be reborn, in the excite of Springs call to Summer

I can smell the soon of it in these waiting woods for green
On this wet path of melting snow, with the wind in my ears
Calling me to my own greening and coming to life.
Releasing Winter’s hold.


Day 3.. NaPoWriMo.

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‘AS above, SO below’… Winter’s infinity


Winter has a hold, a grip of freeze and white

against the bare of trees and twigs in this

season of strength and naked vulnerability.

It’s said that there is no snowflake like another.

Catching them on my tongue, eyes shut in

the imagining of this in the melt and the swallow.

Looking out to the inches of individuality.

Perfect little crystalline star shapes uniquely

layered upon layer like an infinite white cosmos.

Reflecting the story of the midnight storm of galaxies in

their slow spiral swirl like snowflakes in the vast

Great Beyond around us, in the impossible

comprehension that not one of those little perfect

crystals have an identical twin anywhere in Universe.

It is in this moment of knowing how the force of Creation

gives to our Earthly living this season of layered silence

and frigid patiences, in the slow shuffle and shovel through

this freezing austerity made beautiful by millions and

millions and millions of perfect crystal stars frozen

falling and falling from winters’ shifting clouds

that there is the reminder of  ‘as above, so below’

of the perfect snow and the perfect incomprehensible idea

of infinity


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Something is coming your way…


This may be my longest lapse of time in writing here.  I have been writing.  I was invited to be the writer for my own blog in my local that has just become an online journal.  It’s to be launch this weekend and I have been busy working on what in the world I was gonna share so that I can be part of the launch.   There is lots to do to get it the way I imagine and dream it into being so that it fits with how Crazy Wisdom and I will work together.  It’s VERY exciting, and a great opportunity.   It will unfold and grow.


They asked me to write an inspiration blog once a week using my metaphysical insights and tools, i.e. Tarot card, Numerology, Elementals, Astrology, Palmistry.  I have studied these sciences for decades, teaching and using them as inspirations,  ways into experiencing and exploring a spiritual life, and most importantly, getting in touch with your wisdom that is connected to Divine Wisdom that is very self empowering.


Once they launch it all I will share that with you and you can take a look see.  I would be honored to have you read it and give me feedback, as well as see what Ann Arbors alternative community has to offer.

Actually, I would really appreciate if you have any ideas on what an inspirational blog might be for you using Tarot cards, Astrology, Numbers.  Would you like a little weekly tarot reading that asks question and the cards give possibilities?  Would you like to learn how to find your life/soul number and what that might mean?  What Inspires YOU?


It is still important to be here and to have my poetry.  Maybe not so often, I don’t know that yet.  Poetry is my big love.


Will you dance with me on the still moss

Naked feet feeling the earth green

Under a canopy of branches and leaves

Inhaling the day as it surrenders itself

to the brilliance of Summers call


There is forest everywhere in that imagining

Still steep in the Winter’s best shade of white

Ice and bitter cold yet to give way to a new season

with seed and root quivering below the surface

Who is more anxious for that sprout to push through


I think it me wanting it most in the shiver

of this freeze that grips the land in slow motion

because the move to fast lays it danger everywhere

There is a slip and fall waiting on that quiet ice

that knows no soft moss for the naked feet.


And only the skeleton of branches reach

for the blue sky that holds the lie of the Sun

With it blaze of light that holds no warmth

I’ll take that light over no light at all

Shivering till the green rises again because it will










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Imbolc.  Candlemas.  Today marks the time between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.  It is time when the Spring begins to stir in the frozen.  She hears the season’s cycle whisper in the steady quiet.


Earth holds the seeds

Frozen, suspended

quiet in the Winter rest



Even in the dark freeze

Green stirs before awakening

hidden in bark and root



The Sun gives his tease

Winter holds his freeze

Closer comes the Spring



Between the worlds green sleeps

Still in the stillness waits

A season cycles to feel her turn






Winter Wants The Mitten

More snow.  More cold.  More snow.  More cold.




Winter wants the Mitten

The Lower grabs the Upper

Pulls the weight of white starflakes

In perfect form down heavy to palm


The best to do is to roll to the center

A tight ball of the white chill

Fight it all out till the end

Lay your angel down in


Extended sweeps of arms

And legs, prostrate to the heavens

Better to pray for world peace

Than the hope of Winter’s end


There’s more than any of us need

In the slip and slide to where you

Want to go if you can get there

In the silence of the black and white


Winter wants the Mitten hard

Like I said.  best to roll to the center

Lay your angel down and pray

for Spring



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Winter pulls me into his cold arms

Rocks me down to my roots

Where the sap of me slows

And slows some more in the freeze

into a still quiet place moving


Sustainability holds to the early harvest

When Winter finds no green

Loving the austerity of blank and bare

Naked to the lie the Sun tells in this season


The need to tend to a warm light

comes from the inside out in this

Winter’s cradle of bitter chill

In the rocking back and forth


A slow sway to shimmer the glow

While Winter has his season

And the best is to have gathered enough

food and light to make it through




18/01/2014 · 9:13 am

Winter silence… haiku



Flakes fall soft in breeze

Slow to find a place to rest

Winter loves his chill


Winter loves his chill

Let’s the Sun give His deceit

Blue and gloom collide


Blue and gloom collide

Chasing each other in season

Sharing the same sky


Sharing the same sky

Winter needs his gloom and blue

Keeps to silent rest


Keeps to silent rest

Deep in Earth renewal waits

Flakes fall soft in breeze


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